Movie Review: Wonder Woman is simply Wonderful

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For most people, the DCEU (Dc Extended Universe) is a cramped up mess that is trying to play catch up with other marvel movies and I am one of those people.

I never planned to see the movie but it was getting excessive scores from critics (93% from rotten tomatoes higher than any marvel movie ever made) and i knew i just had to see it.   To my surprise…IT DIDN’T SUCK!!!

I was expecting myself to fall asleep at the theatre or just simply curse the film makers for making me waste my money but the movie was actually entertaining and i loved wonder woman’s charm and her motivations. I’d encourage anyone to see it

MAJOR SPOILERS BELOW… only read if you have seen the movie

Now, For the spoiler-filled part of the review. I really loved how the movie started with the introduction of princess diana growing up ,escaping and seeing the corruption filled world.

It was really nice and fun to watch but what i didn’t like is that the movie reminded me too much of Captain America, I don’t know if its the retelling of a war against the Germans that happened in the past with super-powered figures or the similarity between wonder woman and her gang with captain america and the howling commandos or where one of the major characters has to sacrifice himself in a plane crash to save the day.

Like i said before, the movie started off well and i really like how they portrayed the evil in the world from the perspective of wonder woman and how humans are actually corrupt without the help of Ares.

Speaking of Ares, the main villain. I think he was a little bit corny. His costume was a little bit off : I actually preferred the ghost version of him before he had to have one of those “villain is stronger than the hero” main battles but the hero doesn’t get killed and uses something like love as the motivation to stop the villain. That part was a little bit under whelming for me.

The intro and mid part of the movie was near-perfect for me but does it deserve the 93% score on rotten tomatoes.. NO!, it doesn’t.  That doesn’t mean the movie is not very good. I am a big fan of it by the way and i’d love to see more of wonder woman on screen.  Well, i guess they needed to support the feminist movement

Initially i wasn’t sure about the casting choice for wonder woman…I mean Gal Gadot, Shes way too skinny. Shouldn’t wonder woman have like muscle tone and an intimidating look. But i didn’t mind at all throughout the movie and her look actually went well with the sweet innocent character she was trying to portray.

The supporting cast was good as well especially Steve Trevor. I also liked the way everyone thought she was really pretty and she didn’t objectify herself . She didn’t hesitate to stand up to men like when she disobeyed Steve Trevor and went on to no mans land.

Another part that was a little bit off for me was the opening scene where the Germans did some relevant damage to the amazons. They were created by a god and shouldn’t take any damage from Guns. They should be on the same level as asguardians. but, this was just a minor issue.

Anyways, The movie was almost perfect. The acting,characters,costume,music were spot on and i cant wait for the sequel.




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2 thoughts on “Movie Review: Wonder Woman is simply Wonderful

  • July 6, 2017 at 6:30 pm

    WW wasn’t all that…..I would call it a Captain America rip-off. It’s not a movie i would want to see again. That said, it was well made.


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