‘Why we aren’t searching for husbands,’Nollywood popular actresses speak – Aneke Twins

The Nollywood actresses insisted that men should be the ones searching for them and not the other way round. Speaking to The Punch.

The Nollywood Actresses also revealed that though they are currently not in any relationship, they would let the public know when they tie the knot with the right men.In their words, ‘There is a difference between my private life and my public life. That I am a celebrity does not mean people should know about my relationship. It is when we are getting married that we will let them know. For now, we are not in a relationship.

‘We are not searching because the Bible says that he that finds a wife finds a good thing and obtains favour. We are not searching for men, instead, they should search for us. We cannot be searching; it is in the Bible, how can the woman be the one to be searching for a man?”

It is against our belief,” Chidiebere said for the twins.


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