Watch Episode 2 Of NdaniTV New Web Series “Rumour Has It”

Ndani TV has released the second episode of its new series titled “Rumour Has It.” The shows stars Nigerian actress Uru Eke as a popular and successful celebrity blogger who finds herself at the center of a scandal.

Celebrity Vlogger, Obi Obi is at the top of her game, known as the Queen of internet gossip, she has made a killing from spreading rumors about celebrities. What could possibly go wrong?

In episode two, Obi comes to the realisation that she had been played all the while she thought she had a great marriage. Everyone is worried about what Obi could do to herself.

The web series also stars Blossom Chukwujekwu, Linda Osifo, Toni Tones among others.

Watch episode below and share your thoughts.


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