The Fate of The Furious Review

Fast and Furious 8 or “The Fate of the Furious” as its being called officially is an awesome movie with many explosions and death defying experiences but Unfortunately It is only awesome as an action movie (I mean they have Jason Statham and Dwayne Johnson) but it is terrible as a Fast and Furious movie. It lacks the fast and furious charm with you know…actual races and actual driving.

Other than that I’ll encourage you to check it out…It’s full of action and there isn’t a dull moment.   But don’t expect to see a movie about cars, fasting and furiousing




This section may also include mild spoilers from other fast and furious movies

Now, that we are free to talk spoilers…I’ll get right to it

The first issue I have with this movie like I said before is that it seems to be less about cars and more of shooting, nuclear weapons e.t.c   2 fast 2 furious was awesome because it was all about cars, insane driving, and racing. Fast 5 was fun because it was about the biggest robbery one could ever imagine with cars…even with the little shooting here and there.

Fast and Furious 6 was where everything started to go south, they had to battle a whole freaking tank and a massive plane… I mean, these guys are just illegal street racers without any military, weapons or hand to hand training I could forgive them

Furious 7 took it a little to the extreme side with unbelievable things such as cars flying from skyscraper to skyscraper and cars driving out of a plane… It was actually ok until they had to battle a drone and a military helicopter while Dwayne Johnson was using a machine gun … I was heartbroken but there was still hope

Fast 8 however, destroys that hope as I was treated to a movie with a stealth aircraft, flying British spies, the use of a lot of automatic firearms, nuclear weapons, and a military submarine… This is probably the main reason I prefer the need for speed movie to any fast and furious movie. Sadly, I don’t think there’ll ever be a sequel.

Putting that aside, I think the beef between Hobbs and Deckard Shaw was manufactured and over the top, I don’t get how the two of them went to the “We must attempt to kill each other and trade insults whenever we see” stage in less than a movie… This was a lot more extreme than Gamora and Nebula in Guardians 2.

Yeah, and another issue I have with this movie is the plot. I don’t get how Dom just becomes evil… I know they explain it with the BS that he has a child with that Brazilian Chick but it feels like an afterthought because this wasn’t previously hinted at and even though she said that she didn’t tell dom because they just found out Letty is alive…but it doesn’t add up… If I was Dom in that movie I would have thought cipher was just trying to manipulate me. I guess the writers just thought “Hey, this team has faced a lot of badasses over the year, but you know what  would really shake things up…them facing Dom and Lets give Dom a child that doesn’t belong to Letty to compound the drama” The trailer was a lot more interesting than the actual movie if I am to be honest

The movie ends with the usual everybody in the team actually has something to do to stop the bad guy cliche that they did in the past 2 movies but with a bigger bad guy, a bigger bad guys vehicle and explosion.

How Dom survived that heat seeking missile at the end still baffles me… yes they form that rubbish car shield around him but the heat should still pass through and if he’s not dead, he should look pretty much like Deadpool now…It’s more unbelievable than that Superman jump that he used to save Letty in fast and furious 6.

Btw, they should have brought up a better excuse as to why they didn’tnt call brian… I know the actor is dead   but hes the only one close enough to dom when it comes to driving ( I dont think he has ever lost a race though…after that rubbish he did in the first race of the movie)and i dont buy the idea that he is retired

I couldnt really get the motivation of cipher… I guess she wanted accountability or whatever. I dont know. but who cares…they made over a billion dollars

The supporting characters were great.

After all, the cast is still awesome and i will be looking forward to the next movie main because of them…even if they dont make it about cars



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