San Diego Comic-con 2017…Everything Important That Happened (new Flash, Black Panther,Justice League,Thor,Infinity war e.t.c)

If you don’t know what Comic-con is and you are a fan of anything sci-fi, I am personally disappointed in you but, we are all learning…right

Comic-con is an annual convention for sciency nerds from all over the world in which they get to interact with their favourite celebrities, dress up as their best characters, and get exclusive footage of upcoming projects (and this is what ill be telling you about today. Whether you are Team Marvel, Dc or just action films in general..this won’t leave you disappointed…The only thing missing was Deadpool 2

The major teasers/trailers shown in Comic-con will be listed below in no particular order.

Game Of Thrones (Season 7)

Although, they just started a season…they still brought a special preview along with them


Thor – Ragnarok

This features a lot of more footage than the teaser released last year and a lot more action, more views of hela . check it out below

Spoilers for the trailer above… Is that a talking Hulk, Is that a glimpse of the fire-demon Surtur who will most likely going to be the Dormammu to his Kaecilius (Doctor strange movie joke)…which means there’s a bigger villain behind the one we were lead to believe is the main one. Mind Blown!!! I think this is the best trailer shown at comic-con and my anticipation for this movie has increased exponentially.

The Flash (Season 4)

This show has a large fan base… I used to be a huge fan of it until it got too confusing to follow… Something about time remnants…Something about Barry fighting himself from the future. I am not a scientist but the series always leaves me with so many questions that just made me get fed up… Well, It’s not like my opinion means anything

I would have talked about the trailer but, unfortunately, I didn’t understand what happened at the end of season3 and I don’t want to watch it again because it’s just like seating in a boring physics class with cool fight scenes. But, there seems to be a new bad guy (I guess this happens every season) but he doesn’t appear to be a speedster… That is if he isn’t just a pawn


Arrow (Season 6)

Another show I dont watch because i dont see a guy with a bow and arrow interesting…but i hear its really good and it is a popular show.

Justice League

I wouldn’t call myself a DC fan but I no longer care about this movie… I was anticipating this before but I just got tired.  I mean, they released a trailer last year and it is still not out. Now, the movie had a change of directors which means re-shoots and different changes here and there… This usually doesn’t end well… see Hancock as an example

Riverdale (Season 1 Bloopers & Season 2 Trailer)

I never really liked archie comics… but after seeing this I think ill attempt watching this


The Gifted

The X-men are coming to television and this is going to be directed by Bryan Singer (The guy that directed most x-men movies) I am really excited for this one

Avengers: Infinity War

This needs no introduction… even with the underwhelming sequel to the first movie. We forgave marvel with the awesomeness of Civil war, Ant man, and Homecoming…I think this is going to be the biggest movie of all time mainly because of the diverse cast, proper build up, and antagonist. Although, the trailer wasn’t released online officially. You can get a low-quality cam version below

Did we miss anything or you have an opinion… Let us know in the comments below


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