Nollywood Movie Review: October 1

october 1st, kunle afolayan

October 1 is a period thriller Produced and Directed by Kunle Afolayan. The script was written By Tunde Babalola, A seasoned scriptwriter who has also worked on some blockbusters. October 1 is set in 1960, It’s about an Inspector, Danladi Waziri played by Sadiq Daba. Who was sent to the trading town of Akote to solve some series of murder, He must solve this before the British flag is lowered, and the Nigeria flag raised on October 1st.

The story flashes back as Inspector Waziri narrates his ordeal in Akote. Prince Aderopo played by the newbie Damola Adedoyin returns from the city as the first university graduate. Dan Waziri observes the similarities in the deceased virgins and deduced it must be serial Killings. Kunle was too fast to let the cat out of the bag. Hence the movie lacks suspense because after watching few scenes, It was very obvious that Prince Aderopo was responsible for the killings. But that’s not where the movie is taking us to, rather the reason for killing virgins.

october 1st, october 1, kunle afolayan

Sergeant Afonja played by Aderupoko was indeed a great comic relief as I couldn’t ask for more. The cinematography done by Yinka Edwards was top notch, The Art Direction by Pat Nebo was brilliant, Costumes and make-ups were on point, and the lighting were Amazing.

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The movie is a good one except for few flaws: I still don’t understand the need for the role of Iconic Mrs. Funmilayo Ransom Kuti’s played by Top fashion designer Deola Sagoe. Which was just a waka pass role like it is. Agbekoya (Kunle Afolayan) got away with the murder of Rev Fr Dowlings even in the face of Inspector Waziri, Is it that it’s so easy to get away with murder like that? And To an extent, I don’t see any correlation in what happened to Prince Aderopo to his actions, How on earth is been defiled synonymous to killing virgins, I still don’t get. Bisi Somonu’s girlfriend, who was also a victim of the killing delivered her dialogue in a dialect that her mother couldn’t speak. Was thinking that dialect is peculiar to Akote and Almost Everyone should be able to speak. More also, Kunle needs to get trained on his acting skills, His acting As Agbekoya was too shallow and very weak.

October 1 is an end product of careful planning and the 300million naira was well spent. This movie has already been classified by many as one of the best movie Nollywood has ever produced. If you still haven’t seen October 1, i am urging you to do so.


Adeyinka Jamiu

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One thought on “Nollywood Movie Review: October 1

  • March 1, 2017 at 12:07 am

    I agree. Money very well spent!!!
    I think Kunle should remain behind the camera or at best, get a waka pass role. He’s not an actor; he’s a filmmaker. Period. As for Agbekoya getting away with murder, you seem to forget the Inspector is a human being not a robot. If he had chosen to press charges, I would have found that more unrealistic.
    Finally, how can you say you do not understand the relationship between what happened to Ropo and his deciding to rape and kill virgins. Really? Did you listen to any of the dialogue? Especially in the last scene where he tried to rape whats-her-face? I would suggest reading a few crime stories especially ones where the criminal is psychotic- it should help your understanding.


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