“Mr and Mrs Revolution” Rita Dominic, Chidi Mokeme Star in New Movie

Nollywood veterans Chidi Mokeme, Rita Domini, Akin Lewis among others are currently on set of a Chinwe Egwuagu production titled “Mr and Mrs Revolution.”

“Mr and Mrs Revolution” stars Dominic and Mokeme as Sharon and Kobi. It also features Abii and Yaw as Timi and Zola. Directed by Teco Benson, the movie also stars Yaw, Tana Adelana, Munachi Abii among others.

Rita Dominic took to her instagram page to share a photo with Akin Lewis. She shared the photo with the caption;

“I’m such a big fan of his! Say hello to Mr Akin Lewis aka “honorable” in hotel majestic, aka Senator Dede in Chinwe Egwuagu’s production and a Teco Benson film, “Mr and Mrs:Revolution” currently being filmed.. #filmsetlife #nollywood #africancinema.”

Rita Dominic and Chidi Mokeme
are set to appear together in the anticipated movie “76.”

Watch Trailer Below;


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