Movies That Will Mess With Your Mind

So I made up a list of movies that will mess with your mind for you to see, personally I love these kind of movies. It challenges me intellectually and I like ending up like “wow, how did he do that ?” . Not some shitty movie that after the first 15 minutes I can already predict how is it going to end. Theses movies can’t be understood after seeing it the first time, you have to go over it like twice or maybe more. Well, let’s get started.

1 Inception: well for starters , it’s Leonardo DiCaprio , do I need to say more ? okay. Inception will totally mess with your mind , I didn’t understand this movie until I started seeing credits then I released the movie is over. You want to steal someone’s idea , you have to go inside his dream and if that proves abortive you will take your mark into another dream inside that same dream. C’mon Inception will mess with your mind but you will love it.

2. Mr Nobody: some movies are simply too strange to put into theaters. That seemed to be the fate of “Mr Nobody”., a existential sci-fi romance that premiered at the Toronto film festival in 2009, starring Jared Leto ( Nemo Nobody). Have you ever wondered what if you didn’t go to school, will you still be successful ? , or have you judged one of your actions before? Well that’s what Mr Nobody is all about, this film is confusing and interesting at the same time, it makes you wonder about your own decisions. This is not a review so go out and buy ,rent or stream Mr Nobody “if you never make a choice, anything is possible”

3. Predestination: Predestination starring Ethan Hawke, of all the movies i will mention here, this is the most mind scattering, twisting movie at the end I bet you will be screaming WHAT ? WHAT ? . that’s only if you understood it ( if you don’t ,hit me up and I will gladly discuss it with you) . I already did a review one this movie you can check it here Predestination with the Mind Games, Spoilers Alert: don’t click if you don’t want to know what happened.

4. Red Light: Well it is not that mind blowing per say , but it’s a great film. I love psychic movies, I cant start telling you how much The Mentalist ( Tv Series though) means to me, any fan of The Mentalist is automatically my friend ( Tiger Tiger), that prompt me to dive into Hannibal but hell no, I don’t do horror. Coming back to Red light , starring Robert De Niro, it is a great flick , the twisting at the end is nice but I don’t like the ending I expected more, the story wasn’t complete. You should definitely see Red Light if you love psychic movies.

5. Now you see me: I loveeeee now you see me, Morgan Freeman always comes through, always. Four down magicians are brought together by an anonymous person who gives them the blueprints to a great illusion. A year later they call themselves the four Horsemen and the finale of their show is that they will rob a bank . the bank they choose to rob is in France , and they do it without going to France. The incident is brought to the attention of the FBI so they assign agent Dylan Rhodes to investigate. You should definitely see this movie. It is totally worth it.
Okay , tell me what you think about these movies and if you have any mind blowing movies drop it below :).


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