#MovieReview Suru’lere: Romance or Caricature?


Starring: Kemi Lala Akindoju, Enyimma Nwigwe, Linda Ejiofor, Rita Dominic, Seun Ajayi and Beverly Naya.

Suru L’ere which means ‘Patience Pays’ in Yoruba was shot in Lagos. The movie tells the story of Arinze an Ill luck young man trying to survive in Lagos who by chance meets an ambitious young woman Omosigho and sets out on a ‘get rich quick’ move to turn his fortunes around. The movie depicts the life of a young, hustling graduate desperate to overcome his financial challenges.

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After seeing Mildred Okwo ’s The Meeting, I was motivated to see surelere also though the name of the movie is a bit cliché to me, saw it with an open mind. The movie starts with Arinze sleeping on the bare floor of a multinational company in his underwear surrounded by papers which is suppose to be office documents, but the papers came out to be pages of the movie scripts. covers my face for Nollywood.

Arinze is our everyday “alawin” debtor and my oga dey come type who works for a horrible boss that doesn’t appreciate him even though he is not an exceptional employee that should be praised or acknowledged. The scenes are scattered around like all the crew members are confuse on to how to make the movie a whole.

Arinze while running an errand for his boss meets Omosigho, who mistakes him for someone else and offers him the chance to make N250,000 by helping her write a proposal to get her a big promotion. Shaking my head, so the surulere is just to get 250k! I’m sure with all the money Arinze is to pay up, he won’t be left with enough to feed. I don’t know if the movie is encouraging young men to stay and work in an abusive environment without good pay and encouragement.

The movie lacks creativity and idea implementation. The actors are best in what they do but their roles are not challenging enough. The script is not tasking making the movie looks scanty and disjointed. We see a struggling Arinze the oga boy boy, to someone who all of a sudden is having a romantic dinner. Is it that easy in the street of Lagos,whew. The acting skills in the movie is nothing exceptional, it something we see in movies apart from the Rita Dominic’s act and the ibo boy act, it was a relieve, Shines teeth. Even the old landlady act is something stale in Nollywood movies. When I saw that scene I was like not again, rolling my eyes.
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They failed to pay attention to things which maybe they thought will escape the audience attention. The movie script they used as document in the first scene, the lady that acted the old landlady. One the landlady was not dressed up well, you’ll know it’s Kemi Lala which is kind of disturbing, and the make up artist forgot her legs, her face was well made up for the old landlady age range while her legs are contradicting. Fresh young legs for an old woman, hmmmmmm.

The all of a sudden romantic life of a struggling Lagos boy is something I cannot explain. Why didn’t they portray a striving girlfriend right from the start who supports her boyfriend in the worst of moments? Shaking my head. So the rich madam decide to give him 250k and also date him,Han han. Or is it patience that also gave him a rich girlfriend? Because it was not stated that girls didn’t agree to date him because he was poor.

I hate to say this but the end was also predictable right from the movie tittle. We all knew the struggling guy will get his pay day”reward”, but we never expected a love story to happen. Should a struggling man even be thinking about love? Though Arinze’s reward is something lower than our expectation.

Surulere will pass for a comedy and a close to reality movie but not romance. I didn’t quite see anything romantic about it. Love the ibo boy act, it was so real and the accent is funny. The movie is filled with brilliant actors though they were not explored.

I saw The Meeting so I didn’t have any doubt when going for surulere, went with the mindset that I was going to have fun. Wanted to see the Rita Dominic of The meeting, though she tried but her appearance was short, it was as if they used her to promote the movie, pure evil.
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The storyline is something we all can relate with, they needed to add something creative to make it unique not the romance shit they added oh. And the actors also were expected to live the characters not force it, we were expecting to see a close to reality acting from the actors. I think if they had not rushed it, making it within 10days it would have come out beautifully well instead of it been in between, the comedy saved the movie.


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