Movie Review- My Wife and I

I’d seen the trailer for my wife and I months ago and made a mental note to see it when it finally came out. I got imagesthe opportunity last week and I managed to convince my parents to watch it rather than Girls’ trip or The hitman’s bodyguard.

The movie started out nicely. I have to give props to Ramsey Nouah for his waist twisting and wrist flipping. It showed the kind of attention to detail that Nigerian movies often lack but always need. Omoni, as usual, did an awesome job playing the man in a woman’s body but a little more “man-ning” would have gone a long way. Jemima Osunde also deserves special mention for delivering what has to be the brattiest teenager I’ve seen in a while. I bet some Nigerian parents’ hands would have been itching to give a manual reset whenever she came on screen.

The story was refreshing in its simplicity. It wasn’t anything we hadn’t seen before in a movie out of Hollywood but it put it’s own spin on things so much that it couldn’t be traced back to any movie as a photocopy. I especially appreciated that the movie didn’t go to cliche route of having them switch back immediately they believed they had reconciled. The production was top notch, it was clear that a lot of thought had been put into the work for the audience to enjoy. Grammar was good. Dialogue wasn’t forced and Seyi Law’s comedy was effortless.

Now to the things that didn’t work.

  • The long scenes exhibiting their inability to get along in each other’s bodies: These mostly consisted of Ebere grunting in frustration or moving around in confusion. I understood the intention of the scenes, the execution though- not so much.
  • Jumoke’s makeup in her first appearance : We understand Nigeria is hot and makeup doesn’t stay matte all day but in the first scene we see Jumoke, Toyosi’s business partner, the difference between her skin colour and the shade of foundation on her face was too much to go unnoticed. Show some love to the darker beauties make up artist and increase your colour range.

In all it was a pretty good movie. It deserves the hype it’s going to get and it has me excited for Nollywood. My verdict is : Spoil a friend on a thursday and take them to see the movie. Its worth your N1000. IMG-5544-600x757

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