Movie Review: Captain America Civil War is Beyond Spectacular


CAPTAIN AMERICA CIVIL WAR REVIEW (SPOILERS AHEAD!!!)— After the major events in the previous marvel cinematic universe movies, the governments of the world can no longer tolerate the collateral damage left behind by the avengers, The united nations come together to introduce the Sokovia Accords which would turn the heroes into a form of police or task force that would be fully controlled and supervised by the U.N

Not all the heroes (especially Captain America) is in support of it due to the events that happened in The winter soldier which S.H.I.E.L.D was secretly run by hydra. It is this disagreement that causes the titular conflict in CAPTAIN AMERICA: CIVIL WAR



The Story

Thumbs up to the writers Christopher Markus and Stephen McFeely. They did a great job with the story while avoiding most of the mistakes made in BATMAN V SUPERMAN (DAWN OF JUSTICE). They gave us all what we want in a superhero movie, lots of action and drama. One reason why I personally like this movie is that it is very unique…In a good way, it is not like a traditional superhero movie where it is a case of “good guys vs bad guys”. In civil war, we actually cared about the guys fighting because if you look at it, both Captain America and Iron Man (Robert Downey Jr.) are right in their own way.


The story begins with Captain America (Chris Evans),Black Widow (Scarlett Johansson), Falcon (Anthony Mackie) and Scarlet Witch (Elizabeth Olsen) on a mission in Nigeria, in pursuit of Crossbones aka former S.H.I.E.L.D.and HYDRA agent Rumlow, (Frank Grillo) who was in possession of a biological weapon. The avengers emerged victorious but a certain error made by the Scarlet Witch resulted in the death of several workers.

Unfortunately, this unauthorized activity forced the government to intervene with the sokovia accords in order to put the avengers to check. This divides the avengers, Captain America going against the decision due to his lack of trust for the government and Iron Man supporting it because of an heartfelt encounter that made him feel guilty of the lives he couldn’t save  What if they’re lives lost because of his selfish motivations to be a superhero?. This gives the disagreement some real weight as each of them thinks they are right by signing or not signing the sokovia accords. The conflict further escalates when The Winter Soldier a.k.a Bucky Barnes (Sebastian Stan) was framed for bombing a United Nations meeting which killed a lot of innocent people…including the king of the fictional nation of wakanda (T’chaka). This immediately brought his son T’challa (Chadwick Boseman) into the conflict. Captain America further complicates matters by protecting Bucky from the government knowing he wasn’t behind the attack. It results in an all-out brawl between the superheroes.Meanwhile a mysterious man named Zemo (Daniel Bruhl) is trying to learn more about a certain mission The Winter Soldier was sent on back in 1991 for some reason.

The story would be complicated or confusing for most people (especially those that didn’t watch the first avenger ,the winter soldier and/or age of Ultron), but that is the joy of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. There is a sense of continuity in most of their movies. Civil war is the part 3 of the Captain America films…As with any other trilogy, you have to start watching from the beginning to understand



The action scenes in Civil War are fantastic, One of the best in any superhero movie ever…Seeing our favorite heroes go against one another was one of the best moments in the movie, Ant-Man also had a very significant role to play in the climax (airport scene). It was a shame no hero died

Right from the beginning in Lagos, to the highway scene, to the airport scene, to the final fight. It was filled with action that made every hero wow the audience


The movie was also filled with a lot of drama, I saw the lengths Captain America was willing to go to protect his childhood friend, Hints were also given about Vision’s relationship with Scarlet Witch in the comics.

I really felt the hatred T’challa felt for Bucky for killing his father. It was obvious Steve and Tony still cared about each other, they didn’t want to fight with each other…they just had to. It was the anger tony got filled with after finding out Steve knew about his parent’s death that resulted into the bloody fight. Steve wanted to protect his best pal because he knew he wasn’t guilty of the murder.

Spider Man and Ant Man put up interesting performances and made the movie very humorous


He really shined in the movie as the powerful, mysterious guy that nobody knew about…Showing off his impressive acrobatic skills, superhuman reflexes, brute force and hand to hand combat.

Overall, he packs an impressive set of powers. Who knows, maybe he is marvel’s answer to Batman. I am really looking forward to his solo movie next year
Captain-America-Civil-War-spider-man, Spider man is in the building in the new trailer for captain america civil war.

It was very fun seeing the superhero we all know about shining among the elite’s, The younger and inexperienced version of spider-man was seen as a cheerful kid with a lot of heart.  He brought the movie down to a lighter note. He wasn’t really involved in the conflict, he was just happy to be there.

I am also looking forward to his solo movie next year featuring Iron Man


Marvel has made it a tradition to put 2 post-credit scenes in their movies right from The Avengers. Civil war was no exception as the first post-credits’ scene featured Captain America freeing his fellow comrades from the raft and t’challa grants them asylum in wakanda,  while the second one shows Peter Parker testing a new gadget given to him by tony.


I woulg to say that this movie is just flat out fun.
In addition to being an incredibly enjoyable film, it’s also a rather tear jerking one. Whether that be from uncovering the truth surrounding The Winter Soldier’s past, which made me shed a tear of remorse. Or from laughing at the constant stream of jokes and references coming out of Spider-Man’s mouth, during quite possibly one of the most epic and fun to watch fight scenes in MCU history.
This film sure does do a great job with evoking an emotional response.

YeYePikin Ratings: A


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