Movie Review: Before We Go (2014)

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Sincerely, I sat all through the whole end credits, feasting my eyes on the crew’s names-not particularly because I was looking out for any behind-the-camera-talent in particular, but because of the song and the score that accompanied it. It seems that’s the only thing we can take from director Chris Evans’ directorial debut.

Not a new thing though to see a director starring as the lead actor in his/her film. Ben Affleck did it twice with critical and box office success in (Argo) and (The Town). Joseph Gordon-levitt also achieved the same feat, but with mediocre results in (Don John). These are recent examples. But there is a dilemma in figuring out the problem in (Before We go)-few questions to ask. Although I am not saying the film is that awful, but we have to ask if Chris at the back of the camera is able to handle his abilities as a director. Or might it be a problem with the screenplay where characters walk around and not get weary or that things sort of happen for convenience.
The hitch might even be Chris Evan’s fault. Perhaps he is not suited for a lead character. But then some would cite his pivotal as Captain America in the MCU, which I in turn could counter with saying that the success of the Marvel Cinematic Universe is because of the brand name and not its lead cast-an argument that can be weakened if my debater should bring up a certain recent film where the train doesn’t stop: I am talking about (Snowpiercer). To even buttress my point further that Chris is not suited for a leading character is by taking a look at his filmography. The actor has always had that unserious playboy streak, which has always aided his performance as a supporting cast. If you want examples, then go see (Fantastic Four) or (The Ice Man)

The plot of the films gyrates on two strangers who meet each other at a train station and are drawn to each other: an idea that has already been harnessed to death, which brings up another hypothesis on one of the reasons for the film’s failures: Chris directed a film based on a concept that has been used so many times, but spins nothing new to it. It stars Chris Evans and Alice Eve and the chemistry between the two is quite there even with the bottlenecks. It deserves better!

YeYePikin Ratings: C

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