Movie Review: Batman v Superman-Dawn Of Justice is Good But Not Great

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice is a good movie but not great just like the title. First of all, if you are going to see Batman v Superman with great expectations like the Nolan Trilogy, you are going to be disappointed my friend. Yes i said it!

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice directed by Zack Snyder has so many drawbacks and makes you misses the Christopher Nolan touch. The Film started with young Bruce having flash backs about the death of his parents and the next is the ending scene of Man of Steel–Superman and General Zod brawl.

Batman v Superman is jam-packed with so much stories all in 150 minutes; There is a Man of Steel sequel in there, They introduced a new batman, Lex, Wonder Woman and same time setting up the justice league. The plot is so shallow, it misses out on some really important details and dialogue thereby leaving the audience confused and lost.

Although both actors did really great and more kudos to Ben Affleck, i didn’t expect him to out-performed Christian Bale’s Batman but boy he did!. Ben Affleck’s Batman can fight realistically and the fight scenes are really good except from the too much CGI scenes involving the batmobile. Gal Gadot who played Wonder Woman even though there wasn’t much dialogue from her, you can’t help but love how she handled Doomsday. I am waiting for DC to make a Wonder Woman movie. Amy Adams who played ace reporter Lois Lane and Superman’s girlfriend did superb and Henry Cavill too, Jesse Eisenberg who played Lex Luthor; a paranoid, fidgeting and psychotic millionaire. I still don’t why DC was making a joker out of Lex Luthor here, rather than the strong, confident and arrogant Lex we all know. there were so many Joker-wannabe scenes and references and it wasn’t funny.

The most annoying part is just when the movie was heating up and i had a little smile on my face, Snyder decided to show us DC heroes we should be expecting in the next movie–totally a waste of time.

This is definitely a step-up from Man of Steel. The casting (I believe Ben Affleck surprised everyone) was really great except from “Alfred The Butler” i just can’t help but miss Michael Caine, even Sean Pertwee from Gotham Series is a better Alfred. too Bad!

One great thing about Batman v Superman is that even though the stories is tied up in one bunch and thrown to us, it still manage to come out good. The Villain Doomsday is exactly how i pictured it to be and the fight was intense and really really good. Snyder won in that area.

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice is a good movie to kick start the DC universe. Hopefully the Justice League will be far better.



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