Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation Movie Review

After seeing Mission impossible: Rogue Nation i can finally say that it’s the best action movie i have seen this year beating Ant-Man and Mad Max for the top spot. It started with a humorous action scene, “Benji can you open the door,….Benji that’s the wrong door”. The hanging from the plane stunt is epic, Tom Cruise seems to be doing this hanging for life thingy quite well ( he does his own stunts, i mean no stunt double). I would never imagine that Tom would be able to outdo his stunt work in the famed franchise’s previous movie, Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol. Remember when he hung off the side of the tallest building in the world ? Yeah, you know, the 154- floor Buri Khalifa in Dubai. same, in fact  i still get queasy thinking about it.

With continuing upward growth, Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation takes all the elements that people loved from the best and worst “Mission Impossible” films , and lay them all on the table to enjoy. Only this time, the team is left with nothing as a Syndicate is after Ethan Hunt. With so many unanticipated circumstances , this film has one of the best stories of the franchise, it’s all action and the dialogue won’t put you to sleep like Fantastic Flop , i mean Fantastic Four.

Tom Cruise did absolutely great but i believe after seeing Rogue Nation you will agree with me when i say Rebecca Ferguson stole Mission Impossible from Tom Cruise, she was absolutely flawless, her facial expression goes with what’s happening. she made me remember Anne Hathaway in The Dark Knight Rises. After the Head of Hydra (oh sorry) i mean Syndicate was captured (Solomon Lane), if you are expecting a kiss from Ethan Hunt and llsa (Rebecca Ferguson). Well it didn’t happened, that’s what making a movie unpredictable means. Nevertheless i expected more of a fight from Solomon Lane, the way he was captured was just too easy though a very tricky and nice one.. i didn’t see that one coming. Lane is not a combat ready kind of villain, just a really smart one. His voice is eccentric and makes you pay attention. There are many eye catching scenes in Rogue Nation  , first off with the plane stunt ( unbelievable , he actually did that), the car chase , when he dives into a centrifuge chamber full of water to re-key a security system so that Benji can sneak into a highly guarded facility. I forgot to say that Tom Cruise works for the International Monetary Fund, sorry, the Impossible Mission Force (they keep saying “IMF“). This movie is a must watch.. I tried as much as possible not to make it a spoiler, i think i tried.


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