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I don’t want to write about this movie but the more I think about it, I just couldn’t help myself. Man of Steel is really a let down for me, after seeing this movie I can tell you for a fact that I wasn’t smiling.

In this movie we find out why Kal-El has the fortress of solitude, the way Jor-El saved his son and sent him to planet earth, the Superman symbol we all thought was an “S” wasn’t. Rather it means hope in Krypton. What I don’t get is General Zod and his Armies were arrested for treason and sent to prison (The Phantom Zone) for “300 Cycles of Somatic Reconditioning” and when the planet Krypton was destroyed, how did he survived ?. The Phantom Zone is on Krypton discovered by Jor-El (let me not go into comics here), the writers should have done a better job there.

There are many flaws in this movie , let me make it known that I’m a big fan of Superman but the fact is that this movie is flat. There is absolutely no character development and the relationships they form are shallow and ineffectual. Lois and Clark’s relationship is him being grateful to her for not revealing his identity and her thinking he’s hot, they is simply no atom of chemistry between this two. The only character i felt would be the female commander (Amy Adams) who is Zod’s next in command. She is witty and fierce with a spunky personality. The visuals (too much special effects) are there to distract the viewers from the poorly woven story, which consist mostly of CGI fights between Superman and General Zod’s forces. However , it doesn’t excuse the movie from the way Lois is suddenly kissing some guy whom she just met few weeks ago. A really sad comeback in superman films.

When you think Superman you remember Lex Luthor, It is a variable that can’t be excluded. I was seeing this movie hoping to see a bald headed guy well I didn’t, that kid Superman pulled out of the water during the bus accident was that supposed to be Lex ?. the most annoying part of this movie was the ending, after the intense fight when I said intense fight, I mean “Hulk-Iron Man Showdown” Superman just went ahead to twist his neck. Are you kidding ? that’s it General Zod, the writers lacks creativity here. And the Superman we all know will try to save everybody during a crisis but what we saw here was a superhero who is trying to fit into planet Earth.




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3 thoughts on “Man of Steel – Movie Review

  • August 3, 2015 at 9:50 pm

    In response to your earlier rhetorical question on how General Zod escaped the Phantom Zone:

    The inmates of the Phantom Zone reside in a ghost-like state of existence from which they can observe, but cannot interact with, the “regular universe” (the phantom zone is in a different dimension, but they’ve access to it from Krypton, but that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s in the same world…..It’s more like a subspace of a space, an extension if you’ll). Inmates do not age or require sustenance in the Phantom Zone; furthermore, they are telepathic and mutually insubstantial. As such, they were able to survive the destruction of Krypton and focus their attention on Earth, as most of the surviving Kryptonians now reside there.

    The story is a little too hurried and shallow i agree. Smallville Seasons 1 – 10 does a better job with the storytelling if nothing else.

    • August 4, 2015 at 12:45 am

      Thanks for that insightful comment, you sure do explain it better than the producers.. And i agree with you about the story been too short, they could have made it longer , Smallville is the best bet of understanding the Superman story.

  • August 6, 2015 at 2:49 pm

    Yeyepikin, I believe NephonDelvayon has explained the phantom zone bit. Secondly, this is a different universe not Our Universe, or Smallville Universe. This is DC Cinematic Universe. Closer to New 52 Universe. Yes, the movie seemed bland but it’s a build up to others I suspect. Luther was getting old.


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