Lets Discuss 30 Days In Atlanta

Before I start, I would like you all to know that I will be as blunt as possible in everything I would say because I personally feel annoyed by the whole movie. I literally have nothing good to say about it.

Most people would think I am filled with bias but I am actually not. Admittedly, it is a very funny movie. I still laugh so hard that I cry whenever I watch it…It’s actually a good thing, but it’s still a bad movie.

‘This guy must be nuts’…. That’s what most people would be thinking about me because the movie was so much fun to watch and enjoyable for pretty much everyone…The movie also smashed various box office records locally.

As I said before, the movie is very funny but…that’s just it. Akpos ‘Ayo Makun’ is a very funny guy both in person and on-screen, before I forget to mention, ‘he is also very rich’.  The combination of many funny jokes and a lot of advertising,promotions, highly rated actors and many guest stars made the movie the box office bomb that it is,

The many jokes the movie had actually did a good job in distracting the audience away from the mediocre terrible,horrible,gruesome and abominable plot that it had. I have actually seen the same story in other nollywood movies like Osuofia In London and Jenifa to name a few.

First of all, I believe the jokes were actually forced into the story. It was as if the writers came up with a group of jokes initially and then they wrote a story around the jokes for example the ‘taxi driver understanding pidgin joke’ was very funny. but like I said before, the story was written around the jokes. Atlanta is a very big city that it would be very difficult to see somebody you know along a road and as I remember IT WAS IN THE FREAKING NIGHT!!!!. I don’t blame them though, It was actually a desperate method to further the plot.

The romance between Richard and Kimberly existed only because the plot demanded it .Kimberly is a very beautiful lady and I don’t think it would be that easy to get her and be intimate with her. She didn’t even try telling him to back off, once. The break-up was even more confusing as it shows how dumb Kimberly actually is. ‘Hasn’t she ever seen any romance movie with an evil ex?’ Instead of just going to meet Richard and talk about it, She decided to run off crying which was a very stupid thing to do btw. I cant even understand why Richard took her back without any apology. To my knowledge, She actually acted childish and should have apologised to him. I can forgive Clara for not Apologising to akpos because there was actually a misunderstanding between them but Kimberly… She went on Richards personal laptop without his permission and actually invaded his privacy. She had no right to be angry

I would also like to point out that the actors performed brilliantly. ‘I know I am contradicting myself, I was actually frustrated by the movie at first. But, I am now calm’  lol, sometimes you just need to voice out your opinion.   The relationship between Akpos and Richard was very deep as they were like the 2 tyres of a bicycle. Always looking out for each other despite their differences. That is a part that I actually like in the movie. But I still don’t understand how one can receive a Skype video from a Nigerian Village in pure hd with no lag,glitch or whatsoever

Back to the bad stuff, The Ending…. I am not being unfair or typing out of anger here neither am I exaggerating  but the ending of 30 days in Atlanta has to be the worst movie ending I have ever seen in a very very long time. It’s as if they ran out of money and film and just tied everything together in one quick take, telling the audience that magic occurred and everything worked out fine. Well, for me it didn’t.       I guess they tried to explain it by saying Okiemute told them about everything but they didn’t bother to show us at all and that was a very stupid move because they actually showed us a short dream sequence of  Akpos Kissing Kimberly which had no relevance to the plot. Who knows, Maybe A.Y wanted to get more value for his money by kissing Kimberly ‘Karlie Redd’ . They could have done better in the subtitles though, Its not everyone that understands pidgin

 In summary, I would like to say that this is a mediocre ok bad movie, but not that bad especially if you want to get a couple of laughs.

I just hope they don’t make the same mistakes in the spin-off  titledA Trip To Jamaica

You can check out the trailer below


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One thought on “Lets Discuss 30 Days In Atlanta

  • February 28, 2017 at 11:54 pm

    I also think it was a bad movie. The whole box office hit thing neither surprised nor impressed me because the average Nigerian does not watch movies ‘intellectually’, if you know what I mean.
    And i do not really think AY is funny but then again, different strokes….


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