Movie Review: Kayode Kasum’s “Oga Bolaji” Offers Something Refreshing, And We Love It

In an industry that’s saturated with Romance and Comedy films. It only takes a courageous filmmaker to explores other genres knowing fully how Nigerians have been Infected with the disease and with the fear of the difficulty in penetrating into the market. So whenever I see movies outside these genres doing well, I always give kudos to the filmmaker.

In 2017, we had “Dognapped” by Kayode Kasum, though I never saw it for God knows why but I have friends who did and the reviews were great. When I saw the teaser of Oga Bolaji by the same filmmaker, I wasn’t really teased but I have always had this notion, Never trust a teaser and sometimes, a teaser could be deceptive.

So, I watched Oga Bolaji with an open mind and the first thing that captures my interest is the choice of cast. The movie stars; Idowu Phillips, Omowunmi Dada, Ronke Oshodi, Gregory Ojefua, Jasmine Omonike, Brutus Richards and Gold Ikponmosa. All the actors held us spellbound throughout the movie. There’s this Vibe of Yoruba movie meets English movie in Oga Bolaji and it makes the movie more enjoyable.

Oga Bolaji which according to the filmmaker is his love letter to Lagos, that tells the resilient spirit of Nigerians. The ups and downs and the struggle to survive. It is a story of Oga Bolaji played by Gold Ikponmosa, a 40 years old musician whose indirect involvement in the death of a teenager unites him with the last person he would want to be with.
Oga Bolaji
Oga Bolaji is a typical Nigerian hustler with a nagging mother played by Idowu Philips. He works as a bar attendant and all he does is go to work in the morning and cools off with the leftover of the drinks by customers with his friends in the evening. The actors really connected in a way that pleases the audience and it will keep you at the edge of your seat, as the story unfolds.

The major score points of Oga Bolaji is the technicalities. The cinematography is topnotch capturing the beautiful parts of the Lagos and to the slums in every details. The choice of dialogues is another commendable part of the movie with the actors speaking in Pidgin and Yoruba.

Jasmine Morenike delivers a remarkable acting as the teenage girl and I am definitely going to watch out for her. There’re also parts that add humour to the story and all of these make for a delectable watching. Oga Bolaji offers something interesting and we love it.

Adeyinka Jamiu

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