Final Thoughts On Jenifa’s Diary

I am not going to lie. Jenifa’s diary is a very funny show especially if you are watching it for the first time but its one of those shows that get old very quickly because of zero character development and a bunch of other reasons. It’s kind of a corny version of Family guy that tries to have a plot.   I’d recommend anyone to see it but I can’t guarantee they will like it… It’s a show that is enjoyed most when watched passively. I really can’t say much without SPOILERS!!!  The show doesn’t really progress in any way so the spoilers won’t ruin much

Let me start off by saying the things I like: The show doesn’t have any financial issue: Funke Akindele is a pretty wealthy actress and the show is a very popular one. So, she has the money to put in (Which shows a lot in the show) and she is obviously going to make a profit. This is something that hinders most other shows but finance is not a problem in jenifa’s diary…They were able to make a whole season in London (which most shows would have had to give us an excuse not to move the cast to an exciting new location)

She also gets to go on crazy adventures which the audience can follow her on from a university to almost getting married to Nikki-o to home service and i think this is another thing the show gets right. They were able to make the show what is jenifas diary. If this isn’t true…then they just got really lucky with the name.

The show is really funny.

I think that’s it about the things I like, now moving on to the things i don’t like.

About Jenifa’s diary… I really don’t care if they show it in the series or not but what annoys me is seeing the diary in two consecutive episodes and not seeing it again until the next season. A little consistency is all i ask for.

Another thing that really bothers me is that there is no consequence to whatever Jenifa does. I am not talking about a one-minute cry or lamentation. I am talking about long lasting consequences to whatever stupid thing she does. A hairdresser steals about 100k from her parents. wait “Before I go on  ill like to remind you all how convienient her hairdressing skill was to the plot at the first few she has the skills of a dj. what next, she”ll be an engineer???” then there we were given an excuse that she made the money back… The show is really forgettable but its just a circle of “Jenifa does something stupid, she regrets it then the problem gets solved magically” She gets money,wastes it and nothing bad happens. I just wish this is how life is and I am 100% sure the makers of the show want the whole moral subtext to be part of it.

An hairdresser “I dont care how good she is or if she stays at lekki or whatever” is able to buy an iphone 6 which was the latest at the time.  She also got one in London without flinching .

The reason most people grow to hate the show after a while is the recurring joke of “Jenifa’s bad english” No Nigerian will tell you its not funny to watch a person struggle with english and failing. Jenifas diary does this too much…even if they dont want her to know english so bad, they should allow her to be able to carry out simple conversations.  I dont get how she doesnt know how to introduce herself after spending God knows how Long in Lagos… even if she is just faking the english.  If they continue with this “i dont want to learn” attitude of the character. people will slowly grow to hate her and troll the social media page of the show and critics will ask jenifa to seek professional mental help.

Its more ludicrous that Jenifa cant communicate with Toyosi. Agreed, she doesnt know english but they are roommates for crying out loud    shouldnt they have developed a way to communicate after more than 5 seasons and i dont understand why toyosi hasnt gotten used to Jenifas english. I guess the actress is tired of the character thats why her laughter keeps getting more fake with each laugh. I am glad they got rid of her because she serves no function to the nonexistent plot other than act as a moral compass for jenifa who happens to be the moral compass for every other character in the show.

The manufactured cliff-hangers at the end of most episodes are really annoying because they mostly have nothing to do with the plot. If done once its ok but they just do it too much. why end the episode at a scene where the protagonist is being chased by a dog only to find out she escapes. You only do something like that when the story is too complex to be said in one episode and the next part is a must-watch. You dont just end an episode in the middle of a random scene.

Most of the extended celebrity cameos are not useful and it always feels like they put the celebrity there for the sake of it. But, i actually like akpororo and his character and i am sick of watching celebrities come on camera to act like the perfect and cool angels that they are not.

I dont really know how to end this  but I just want to let you all know Jenifa’s diary is a funny show that feels redundant to the point that it gets old very quickly





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