Isoken Review- It’s A Great Time To Be African


This review, though late, had to come as I felt I would be doing movie goers everywhere a great disservice if I didn’t give an opinion on it. Isoken is a story of a thirty four year old woman whose younger sisters have all gotten married but is yet to find a husband to the chagrin of her Edo mother. She is very successful in her career but this means nothing to her mum who only wants her daughter to find a husband.

I had been looking forward to seeing this movie since I found out it was written, directed and produced by Jade Osiberu, the genius responsible for Gidi Up and Skinny Girl in Transit amongst other series.

I ended up watching it with a friend and it was quite the experience. It felt good to settle down to a movie with a good story with reasonable conflict and a beautiful resolution. The movie was as relatable and as Nigerian as they come; with the mother who pushes for marriage, the seemingly, homeless amebo aunty and of course the loud mouthed best friends. Despite the fact that it was relatable, the movie was anything but clichè.

The cinematography was worth a standing ovation as it was very obvious that very much thought was put into every scene. There was so much “africanness” radiating from the scenes as the African theme spread through everything- Isoken’s gorgeous apartment, her astounding wardrobe and even the dialogue. The music in the movie was splendid with the likes of Bemyoda and Kaline making appearances. It was a completely African soundtrack that made you proud to be an owner of a green passport.

The acting was organic and seamless. Dakore proved that she was a veteran and didn’t come to play. Tina Mba was impressive with her Benin tongue. Marc Rhys also did a great job even as he made you cringe as he mercilessly destroyed the Nigerian accent and dance. Not bad for an Oyinbo at all. Bolanle Olukanni proved once again that this was indeed her year; stealing the show with her minor yet deep character.

I want to dedicate a full paragraph to the amount of work that was put into changing the African story. The styling in the movie was perfection, including the styling of Isoken”s natural hair. The locations had me doubting that the movie was shot in Lagos. It was a movie that made you smile for Nigeria’s future and made you think “Maybe there is hope after all.

In all, Isoken was a beautiful movie. The wedding scenes and the attires were amazing and only proved that Jade Osiberu has a long and eventful career ahead of her.

Verdict: Definitely worth watching on a weekend. And take a friend too!

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