Hakeem Onilogbo Redefines Make-up In Nollywood

Most of us will recognise a Nollywood movie by the horrible make up used on various characters which is limited to the use of vaseline,dusting powder, baby oil and paint.
But this very talented make up artist ‘Hakeem Onilogbo’ did a  really good job here…..It looks so real, he is truly the best of the best.


HAKEEM ONILOGBO13744135_828634957238553_1498856483_n13696722_1148900421799928_1788363972_n13745238_1076796965732579_428726413_n










Kudos to Mr Hakeem, we really hope to see more this or something similar in future Nollywood movies

Also, check out his instagram handle @hakeemeffect


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