Flashpoint: The Good, The Great & The Flash


By now am guessing we movie/comic book geeks are all familiar with the term, “Flashpoint” relating to the flash as a character and a show on the CW. Atleast if not from the cartoon then the comics or the buzz coming off of hardcore comic geeks.

Notice I used the word, “flashpoint” without the “paradox” up there? Cos that’s what the Flash TV show’s going for anyway and that’s the title of the 1st episode. You know budget constraints, character rights and. WB wouldn’t let them keep the “Paradox” and do things right. That’s a good thing though, if you ask me.

Well let’s get to the main issue on the burner. Flashpoint according to the DC comics event crises and what the show would have us believe is that moment in time a man (Barry Allen/The Flash) had it with his troubles, loss/regrets goes back in time to the very premise of his troubles to set a course correction for himself. You’d think it’s a good thing right? Yea but guess what? That’s the worst idea ever. Not me, that’s what the TV show wants us to believe, but you know what? We think it’s the best thing Barry could ever come up with {Shhh don’t say that loud}. But 1st what are/were his losses?

He’s lost a mother at age 11 to a speedster. His dad sentenced to prison for It, to return only to die at the hands of another speedster (Zoom). His friend Ronnie dies in a wormhole because of him (ouch). The weight of the world forced on his shoulders, losing his speed to said speedster (Zoom) who killed his father. Forgotten in the friend-zone by the girl he loves for years and so on.

Judging by the trailer, here are our reasons why that decision (Flashpoint) is the best thing.
His parents are alive and well. What wouldn’t you give to see your family happy and alive? None of them is in jail. And they well love him. And it was clearly shown they were a well to do happy couple. What more could a man ask for?

His best pal’s a billionaire. What? From the trailer we saw Cisco is rich. Though he may sound like a douchebag but how on earth wouldn’t Barry be happy for his friend? It’s the same Cisco. Funny, still has a heart.
His nemesis is locked up. Forget about the babbles of the Reverse Flash in the trailer, he really can’t do a thing to Allen now. He’s ‘LOCKED UP’ and that’s all that matters.

He’s in a better position to win back his girl crush. That we saw in the trailer with the look Iris was giving him. That’s DOPE. He’s finally got himself out of the friend-zone. Yei! Sharp guy right?
The weight of central city isn’t on his shoulders any more. central city now has a new Flash though a kid but that doesn’t stop Allen from taking a vacation or flex or something. you know, Iris?
He still has his speed. what a great world it is for Barry to live in. No stress, no press, he’s got it going.
The world now seems more normal than the normal. Barry, you got to give yourself a nod there man. You saved the world. Cisco’s gonna kill you if you change it back.
So here they are, this world Barry created is far easier on the eye than the one where we have Zoom, deaths, pain and more pain. Who would want that?

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    • August 3, 2016 at 11:08 pm

      The new flash is WALLY(aka kid flash/second flash)


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