Empire: Watch Hakeem Lyon vs Freda Gatz Rap Battle- Who Really Won??

Freda_Gatz_vs_Hakeem_Lyon_-yeyepikin, rap battle, who won?

As a big fan of rap music, this as got to be one of my favorite scenes in Empire. The bigger question is who really won this rap battle between Hakeem and Freda? I think Freda should have emerged the winner. Freda Gatz can rap yo!. Her flow was tight– tighter than Hakeem’s.
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YeYePikin Verdict
Round 1— Round 1 was a bit close between both rappers. Hakeem 6 and freda 5.

Hakeem: aaah, you need a hug, sorry but i gotta hurt you.
Freda: I know a place in France, where we send lil boys like you

Round 2:
— Round 2 is not even close, i think i speak for everybody when i say Freda won this round by a long shot. Hakeem 6 and Freda 9

Freda: Which one is it? You wanna be a queen or a Lyon, tell Cookie to give the milk–the baby keep on crying
Hakeem:Top tier, i belong with the great– talking Big, talking Nas, talking Pac, talking Jay– Feel me?

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