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Justice League:Part one is due to be released in cinemas by November 2017 and during comic-con, They managed to give out some footage to satisfy our hunger. It features batman recruiting the other members like Aquaman and flash

Aquaman was shown to be very aggressive and violent as he choked Bruce Wayne up a wall. The flash played by Ezra Miller was really funny as he willingly accepts to join the justice league because he has no friends.
N.B – Unlike marvel, Dc is going to keep its TV series separate from its movies so don’t expect to see Grant Gustin who plays Flash on the CW series to appear.

I liked the way they were able to make the movie version of the Flash unique as he isn’t a typical kind of hero as he is in the comics, he is more of an underground kind of guy.

Check out the trailer below, and let us know what you think in the comment section below;


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