12 Angry Men: A Must Watch Movie

Twelve Angry Men (1957) is a court drama movie which will blow your mind away i am pretty sure of that. I saw Twelve Angry Men recently and if you haven’t seen this movie yet YOU SHOULD. I started seeing some old movies recently , the likes of The Good, The Bad and The Ugly, Ed Wood, The Following, Reservoir Dogs and so many more. Luckily for me i bumped into Twelve Angry Men.

Twelve Angry Men is a story of twelve men ( not all of them are angry though) , who are all up on jury duty and have to go to the jury room to take a vote which normally would take a few minutes to do but on deciding whether a boy is guilty of killing his father, one man’s(Henry Fonda) uncertainly begins to slowly unravel the bigger picture and raise more questions.

The Fact that this movie happens all in one place is really fascinating and the way the jury analyze and went on intense debate to “solved” the case is really brilliant or should i say Henry Fonda is a genius. After seeing this movie you will know there is power in “What If”, even after the movie ended we were not told what happened, if the boy killed his father or not. It was just based on debate among the jury and they were able to see what the lawyers missed.

Sometimes it’s hard to believe that such brilliance went on in one room. With such a wonderful script and screenplay, the many words spoken in the film were wonderful. The action comes from the words which makes the movie so well-crafted and witty. It proves that with a simple idea around “reasonable doubt”, you can make wonderful cinema.

Twelve Angry Men is a movie you must not missed. It is very interesting right from the starting to the end, even though we still didn’t know who the real killer is. At a point i thought it was jury #8 ( Henry Fonda) he was certain the boy didn’t killed his father even though the evidence against him proves otherwise and he even went ahead and bought a replica of the murdered weapon, actually i was so sure of this theory i was waiting for the very last moment of the movie to see something about it.

So go Download, Buy or Stream Twelve Angry Men and you will be glad you did and don’t forget to come back and tell me who you think is the real killer :). I think it is Henry Fonda (Jury #8) and My friend thinks it is the boy. Who do you think it is ?



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