Wolverine 3 Might have an R-rating


As of this moment, film studios Fox will be revelling in in the good news of Deadpool’s success after it made an impressive 132.7 million dollars over the weekend. The feat achieved by that film is more impressive because of its R-rated nature, the fact that it was banned in China (second largest market for Hollywood) and its absence in 3D screens both in North America and the world over. Right now, it holds the record for the highest opening for an R-rated film. Undoubtedly, the merc with a mouth’s performance is as a result of the viral marketing, which was felt in every corner introducing him to audiences who are unfamiliar with the character as well as its critical acclaim. Somehow, some way, the successes of Deadpool has caused a chain reaction, in which studios are considering making more of their comic book films for an audience over 18.

Film website screenrant.com is reporting that the execs at fox are are anticipating an R-rated film for the upcoming Wolverine’s solo outing: Wolverine 3-to be directed by James Mangold. From an angle, this makes sense when you consider the character’s mutant powers, which can be used as a tool for bloodshed and splatter as well as future would be fight scenes that Wolverine is going to be involved incorporating  acts that highlights his violent/sometimes anti-hero nature.On the flip side, a development like this in which comic book films are R-rated might lower the box office performances because of the exclusion of younger teens who might be hardcore fans of some of these characters. Secondly, the R-rated films might not achieve financial success in scenarios where the film doesn’t achieve critical acclaim like in Deadpool’s case.  Finally, there is a risk to consider, which is—-Deadpool was just a one time hit with a rating suitable for the character and there is absolutely no guarantee that subsequent comic book films, which toe the same route in terms of rating might be able to stand toe-to-toe with Deadpool’s performance-box office wise.


Wolverine 3 will be released sometime in 2017. It stars Hugh Jackman as the titular character.


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