Watch Omoni Oboli, Alex Ekubo as Michelle and Obama in ‘The First Lady’

Nollywood actress and director Omoni Oboli has released the trailer for her latest comedy film ‘The First Lady.’

The upcoming movie stars the actress and Alexx Ekubo as Michelle and Obama.


In a classic Cinderella like story, a prostitute, Michelle, is stuck in a world she couldn’t escape from. Her hope that one day a Prince Charming would rescue her from it all, seems lost .

A heir to an empire, Kenechi, is transformed into a child by an overly ambitious uncle who wants the empire to himself.

Bound by a shared destiny, Michelle finds that she might be doing the rescuing until she realises there’s no escaping her pimp (Obama), who would do anything to keep her as his First Lady.

Starring Omoni Oboli, Chinedu Ikedieze, Joseph Benjamin, Alexx Ekubo, Yvonne Jegede, Udoka Oyeka and Tony Monjaro, the upcoming movie is directed and produced by Omoni Oboli.

‘The First Lady’ hits cinemas in Nigeria on October 1, 2015.

Watch trailer and share your thoughts.



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