Watch a Few Clips from James Bond ‘Spectre’


Spectre is finally here, or at least that’s the case if you live in the UK where the latest entry in the James Bond series has been shown in theaters since Monday night to so far record breaking box office numbers. The rest of us will have to settle for a few clips until next week when it will be available worldwide.

This week Sony released a whole bunch of clips from Spectre and because of that I had to be a little nitpicky about which ones I throw on here. While I don’t consider any of these to feature story relevant spoilers, my definition of what a spoiler is might differ from yours so proceed with caution from this point on.

Gadgets are making a big return in Spectre so that means more than a few visits to Q’s lab.

A conversation between Daniel Craig and Lea Seydoux in Hotel room.

Can’t have a Bond flick without a great fight and in Spectre Daniel Craig will be going at it with Dave Bautista, in a train.

Some think he is finished, other that he’s just getting started.

Remember what I said about spoilers before? Well starting now there might be some story spoilers.

It seems the future has no room for the 007 program.

It’s all a matter of perspective in this final clip titled “Control”.


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