Top 6 James Bond Gadgets

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James Bond has changed considerably over the years and he hasn’t always been a gadget obsessed man of the law. In the early days of Sean Connery as bond, the gadgets where few and far between. The most gadget heavy bond was probably Pierce Brosnan which is why he is featured a total of 4 times on this list. More recently, Daniel Craig has reverted back to a more muscle focused close quarter hand to hand combat kind of guy. Anyway, on to the James Bond gadgets.

6 X-ray glasses

In 1999 Pierce Brosnan took on the role of Bond in the world is not enough. Although he has a myriad of gadgets, in the number 6 spot goes to his X-ray glasses which he uses to see through guards clothes in order to see what they are carrying such as guns. Plus the blue tinted shades made him look pretty cool by 1999 standards, even if he did wear them with a tux.

5 Explosive Tooth Paste

The number 5 spot goes to James Bonds explosive tooth paste. The reason that this item is so cool is because he can hide it in plain sight, take it through airport security and no one would ever suspect a thing. Bond uses it to explode through armour plated glass windows and make a daring escape.

4 Omega Seamaster Watch

Bond is famous for his watches, but Pierce Brosnan is pretty much the only Bond to have a gadget in every single watch he wears. The coolest of which was featured in the 2002 Die another day this watch featured both an explosive detonator and a laser, which he uses to escape some pretty sticky situations.

3 Invisible Aston Martin

In the 2002 Die another day, bond is presented with a really cool Aston Martin, like all the other cars that bond is presented with they host a myriad of weapons and ejector seats, but this one has an extra feature.  A single click on the key button turns this car invisible!

2 Multipurpose Mobile Phone

In Tomorrow Never dies, Bonds phone had a whole host of gadgets. It contained a finger print scanner, a key replicator, a Taser and a remote control system for his car. On top of all that it was a mobile phone! Even though we have iPhones today, they still don’t compare to this now extinct Sony Ericson masterpiece.

1 Jet pack

The highly contended number one spot just had to go to the Jet pack used by Sean Connery to escape. Why? Although it looks like a very odd assortment of astronaut gear and a jokey helmet, it was simply so far ahead of its time and no one would have expected that sort of thing when this movie was released.

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