Tom Hanks is Desperate In A Hologram For The King

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A hologram for the King, that’s a wierd name (in an honest way) for a show that’s really rather simple. Watch the trailer for the dramedy below.

“The film tells the story of a unsuccessful, desperate yankee salesperson who travels to Saudi Arabia to secure the IT contract for an enormous new advanced complex being in-built the center of the desert.”

Although I aforesaid the film looks simple, this trailer is something however. It’s like something plucked out of the year 2000 (some may say similar to the movie). And it’s not simply the trailer voice-over, it’s the general style and therefore the truth they essentially offer you the whole film in 2 and a half minutes. Tonally it’s all over the place, initial it’s a comedy, then it turns into some type of drama and Tom Hank’s character falls crazy with a local girl and that i don’t have any idea what’s supposed to get me to buy a ticket for this film, i actually don’t. probably Tom Hanks, that’s quite it.

Tom Tykwer (Cloud Atlas co-director) wrote and directed A hologram for the King based on the novel of the same name by Dave Eggers. Among several others, starring in this film are Tom Hanks and ben Whishaw.

A hologram for the King opens april 22nd in the us, probably in select theaters (a nicer way to say restricted release).


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