Surprisingly Facts You Don’t Know About Thor


1. The inscription on Mjolnir(The Hammer of Thor) clearly reads, “Whosoever holds this hammer, if he be worthy, shall possess the power of Thor,” and a number of heroes – including Captain America and Beta Ray Bill – have done just that over the years. However, one of the most surprising and unexpected wielders has to be Superman.

After besting the God of Thunder in combat during one of the rare crossovers between Marvel and DC Comics which paired up the Avengers and Justice League, Odin allowed the Man of Steel to use Mjolnor during a pivotal moment in battle. After all was said and done, Superman found himself unable to budge it!


2. One of the strangest moments in Thor’s history came when he was transformed into a frog by Loki. This wasn’t just a one off either as celebrated Thor writer Walter Simonson kept the God of Thunder this way for a total of four issues.

During the course of this story, Thor even ended up leading a clan of frogs into battle against a villainous horde of rats. He did eventually return to Asgard to reclaim his old form, but not before leaving a shard of Mjolnir for his ally Puddlegulp. That frog would go on to be transformed into Throg (yes, really) and now wields a very tiny version of Thor’s hammer as a member of the Pet Avengers.


3. Before being cast as Loki, Tom Hiddleston auditioned for the role of Thor. With a blonde wig and ripped physique, he could have very easily been chosen by Marvel, but they saw him as a much better fit for the God of Mischief. Thank goodness things ended up panning out that way as the British actor’s take on Loki has seen him steal the show in both Thor movies and even The Avengers.

Chris Hemsworth meanwhile was initially passed on for the role of Thor, but after his younger brother Liam also tested, Marvel circled back to Chris and he was quickly chosen for the role by Marvel boss Kevin Feige and director Kenneth Branagh.


4. When a misunderstanding led to the United Nations threatening to wage war on Thor and Asgard, Iron Man was sent in by the United States to try and calm things down.

The stubborn God of Thunder refused, leading Tony to don his Thorbuster armour which was powered by an Asgardian crystal (containing a sliver of Odin Force) given to him by Thor to try and find a renewable form of energy for the world.

With powers equivalent to that of The Destroyer, Iron Man gave Thor a pummelling, but the battle ended in a standstill when Thor tore the armour from him and the Armoured Avenger was then forced to flee.

5. With sales declining and general sense of staleness around the character, Marvel made the decision to put Thor on the shelf as part of the “Avengers Disassembled” story.

He and his fellow Asgardians were placed in a kind of hibernation after Thor found a way to bring an end to Ragnarok, the cycle of life and death which forced him and his people to constantly relive their lives. For all intents and purposes, Thor was dead, and remained that way until Mjolnir came crashing to Earth years later.

With a new costume and purpose, Asgard ended up floating above the Earth, and the character embarked on a refreshing set of adventures.


6. The news that Thor was being replaced by a woman (whose identity is still a mystery) was not well-received by some fans, and a lot of sites ran just the kind of inflammatory headlines you might expect after such an announcement.

When Thor lost the ability to wield Mjolnir under mysterious circumstances, he allowed this equally mysterious female warrior to take over the mantle, deeming himself “Unworthy”. Despite the controversy which surrounded the initial announcement of this new Thor, her comic book series is currently selling even better than the original Thor’s, so don’t be surprised to see her one day join the MCU.


7. The sight of Thor flying through the air has become a fairly iconic one, but did you know that the God of Thunder can’t actually fly? In fact, there’s a very good reason he holds Mjolnir out in front of him when he’s in the sky; he’s using the magical hammer to get about!

When he wants to hover in the air, Thor has to twirl Mjolnir like a helicopter blade (which must be exhausting). The movies have so far avoided having him taking flight too often, perhaps to avoid trying to convincingly portray that particular visual in live-action. What they have effectively shown though is that Mjolnir actually propels him rather than allowing him to fly.


8. Just like he secretly created a suit of armour to take down Thor, Iron Man also stole one of the God of Thunder’s hairs the first time they met (he lifted it from one of the chairs in Avengers Mansion). Years later when Thor was still missing in action, Tony Stark, Hank Pym, and Reed Richards cloned his DNA and created a new Thor who was a mixture of God and robot.

He couldn’t be controlled however and killed Black Goliath during the Civil War. Hercules later destroyed him – “THOU ART NO THOR!” – and the returning Thor gave Iron Man a thorough beating for having the audacity to create a deranged clone of him.


9. Despite the physical similarities, that’s not Odin you see above, but a very ancient Thor who is the last surviving Asgardian on a dying Earth.

His one arm – which the present day God of Thunder only recently lost – has been replaced by that of a Destroyer’s, and he doesn’t hesitate to still do his all to protect the world he loves. That included a mighty battle against Galactus, and despite literally being punched through the moon by the gigantic Fantastic Four foe, Thor took him down and managed to renew life on Earth.

Whether he’s young or old, Thor remains one of the toughest and greatest heroes of the Marvel Universe.


10. After Ragnarok, Thor was able to choose which Asgardians to bring back from the dead with him. Loki managed to trick his brother into resurrecting him too however, but to punish the God of Thunder, he stole Lady Sif’s (the love of Thor’s life) body and kept this female appearance for a number of years.

This was obviously quite an unusual decision, but proved to be a hit with fans. After once again dying though, Loki returned in the body of a male child and despite recently taking on an older form is still quite a bit more youthful than in the past. In fact, Marvel has actually made him the spitting image of Tom Hiddleston


11. Before being deemed worthy to wield Mjolnir, Thor used Jarnbjorn, a giant axe with the power to cut through almost anything (something which backfired on Thor when Malekith the Accursed recently used it to chop off his arm).

Thor used Jarnbjorn throughout the ninth, tenth, and eleventh century, but lost it following a battle with Apocalypse. No longer able to use Mjolnir, Thor is once again equipped with the axe he used as a youngster, and it makes for a very cool visual. It’s indestructible and can even deflect powerful energy blasts.

Source: Marvel Comics


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