‘Suicide Squad’ What To Expect When You Are Expecting

Suicide Squad is hitting cinemas next week, but one thing many don’t realize is that the movie’s plot has already been revealed, and it’s not the fault of spoiler-filled trailers or interviews that gave away too much.

In 2014, DC released Batman: Assault on Arkham — the narrative bridge between the critically acclaimed video game Batman: Arkham Asylum (2009) and its prequel Batman: Arkham Origins (2013) — and it was met with positive reception. Unknown to most, Batman: Assault on Arkham was actually used as an experiment where DC gauged what audiences wanted in a non-traditional superhero movie and looking at the Suicide Squad trailers, it seems DC learned a lot from their little test. While the following points are all speculation, these are five plot elements based on Batman: Assault on Arkham that have a strong chance of happening in Suicide Squad.

5. Squad Dynamics
One of the highlights of Batman: Assault on Arkham was the energetic interaction between the members of Task Force X, and Suicide Squad is not going to be left behind. Without saying too much, the trailers showed just how volatile the alliance between the convicts is, with the presence of military liaisons only making things more tense.

From the bitter rivalry of Deadshot (Will Smith) and Capt. Boomerang (Jai Courtney) to Harley Quinn’s (Margot Robbie) psychotic ex — the Joker (Jared Leto) — making a bad situation worse, it’s all but confirmed that these mainstay interactions will be recreated for the film. Expect some curve balls as well, like a teased romance between two unlikely characters (i.e. Killer Frost and King Shark in Batman: Assault on Arkham) and personal grudges getting the better of people’s judgment, like how Batman: Assault on Arkham ended with the Squad violently splitting up right before getting into a desperate run for survival.
4. General Immorality
DC is not known for having a sense of humor and this is mostly due to their heroes’ narrative restrictions. Contrary to popular belief, not everything is Zack Snyder’s fault. While heroes like Superman and Batman are tied to duty and honor — thus limiting their jokes to lighthearted wit and banter — their respective villains have it easier since their criminal status gives them more leeway to be, in a sense, immoral.

Batman: Assault on Arkham is an uncommon fare that was both an animated feature and a DC property that got away with a storytelling style commonly seen in R-Rated movies. Heads literally exploded, people cussed at each other and both nudity and a one-night stand occurred in a story that took place in the same universe where Batman prowls the night. Though its PG-13 rating will limit what can and can’t be shown, Suicide Squad is set to be one of the raunchiest superhero movies since Deadpool (2016) and with the naturally gritty David Ayer directing a movie starring ex-convicts and psychos, audiences are surely in for a different superhero ride.

3. The Batman (And DCEU) Connection
DC is gearing up for its own shared universe, so expect characters and references from other DC movies/stories to show up. So far, the biggest name confirmed for Suicide Squad is the saving grace of Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice himself, Batman (Ben Affleck), who David Ayer promised would be “freaking scary.” He may not be the only extended cameo in Suicide Squad so keep those eyes open for the rumored Flash (Ezra Miller) appearance and more.

Batman: Assault on Arkham saw Batman bump into the Squad while tracking a dirty bomb and his involvement in Suicide Squad may be similar, with him stalking a bigger enemy before getting caught in the Squad’s crossfire. The presence of notable Batman villains may have been a giveaway but the movie amped things up by giving everyone a grudge to settle with the Bat, making the prospect of a royal rumble between Batman and the whole Squad is something to look forward to. But if Batman: Assault on Arkham is anything to go by, the Dark Knight is probably going to kick their asses twice before they even realize that the first round of ass kicking happened:

2. Good Old Backstabbing
Any DC fan worth their salt knows that Amanda Waller’s (Viola Davis) presence in a story is far from good, and her notorious reputation as a shady government operative in Suicide Squad has people both excited and worried about what she really has in mind.

Despite her animated appearance being met with criticism after being depicted as a generic villain instead of the manipulator she’s known to be, Batman: Assault on Arkham thankfully kept her core characteristic intact: she would use as many lives as possible just to get results. In Batman: Assault on Arkham, Amanda Waller deliberately kept information from the Squad, offered a separate deal to Killer Frost and let chaos unfold in Arkham just to get a single assassin close to her target. We can expect just as much or even more ulterior motives in her first cinematic appearance since she will be holding the Squad’s lives in her hands, giving her the leverage to do anything.

1. The Bodies Hit The Floor
Suicide Squad’s selling point is that it’s going to do what recent superhero movies won’t: kill people.

Batman: Assault on Arkham may be animated, but it killed three named Squad members, with one dying in the movie’s opening minutes. Coincidentally, that is the highest bodycount of protagonists seen in any recent superhero movie without the convenient aid of retcon or time travel (looking at you, X-Men: Days of Future Past). Don’t be surprised if the online theories surrounding Slipknot’s (Adam Beach) life-span prove to be true, and the same sentiment goes for everyone else. While Deadshot and Harley Quinn seem safe after their respective actors confirmed their future DC appearances, it should be noted that Batman: Assault on Arkham ended with Deadshot aiming at Amanda Waller through a sniper rifle’s scope, meaning even established characters are not safe.

What are you expecting from Suicide Squad?

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