Rita Dominic: 10 Reasons to Love Nollywood Screen Diva

Today been Dominic’s 41st birthday,July 12, 2016, we at yeyepikin celebrate with her. Check out ten qualities of our beloved nollywood screen diva.


1- Rita dominic is so beautiful

Rita Uchenna Nkem dominic Waturuocha born on 12th July 1975 in the South Eastern part of nigeria, Mbaise, Imo state into a family of four has been renowned for her astonishing beauty and impeccable character which captivates the audience in her movies. Little wonder she has been tagged as one of the best actress ever to appear on the Nigerian movie scene.

2- She has a good fashion sense.

Rita dominic is known for dressing in very good attires everytime she comes out for any Movie premiere or a showbiz event, she is always looking divine with the gorgeous clothes she puts on and great fashion sense. Always known for good taste in quality dresses, handbags and shoes she always wears I stand to be corrected that rita dominic is the best dressed Nollywood screen diva.!

3-Good Affluent in English

It may sound a bit rude but the Nigeria movie scene has few actresses that has good command of English, Having gone through a series of educational training and raised by her late parents who were medical practitioners, it’s is safe to say she has got what it takes to be a screen diva. Rita’s excellent communication skill when it comes to english language whenever she’s on the tv screen speaks in such a way that anybody could get interested in her.
4- A great Actress

Whenever our darling Nollywood diva Rita dominic is playing her role, she distinguishes herself with her versatility and always play any role given to her perfectly. she doesn’t let her fans down in every movie she’s involved with. Check out The meeting and her recent role is Surulere.

5-Very Determined

This awesome and unique character of hers is always obvious as she always put her A-game into every movie role she’s given..little wonder she has appeared in over 100 Nollywood productions.

6-She’s  Agile

Another reason why I see Rita Dominic as a diva. She doesn’t act only Nollywood movies but she goes into modelling, tv ads of different products and also an advocator for human rights which was seen at the just concluded #MarchforWomen Gender equality bill.These are some of the things that postulates Rita dominic.

Rita dominic has been a great influence even right from her tender age. All through her illustrious career she started performing when she was a child,appearing in school plays and television shows in imo state.Also,she has been influencing nigerian women positively which is seen by the way she encourages young actresses by the starring them in the movies she has produced.

8-A great philanthropist

Another reason why I see rita dominic as a diva she considers others first and always willing to lend a helping hand,which was seen at her last birthday she was spotted playing with orphaned children in an orphanage where she donated a huge amount of money and relief materials and lots of goodies to the children..Great one Rita!
9- A great Ambassador

She represents the brand she advertises for so well that the audience can be convinced to buy whatever products she endorses. I must say when I watched her commercial for Zaron cosmetics,I was compelled to buy that lovely product.

10- Diligent

Our dear Rita Dominic is known for her hard work she puts in tirelessly all over the film industry from acting demanding roles to becoming a director cum  producer little wonder her latest movie “SÚRÙLERE” has received numerous nomination and awards just few months after it was released.

Happy birthday to her.

Adeyinka Jamiu

Adeyinka is an associate at Moviesplus.ng. He's a teacher with a demonstrated history of working in the entertainment industry. Skilled in Acting and Scriptwriting.

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