President Muhammadu Buhari Advised Nigerian Filmmakers Against Promoting Violence And Sex Scenes In Their Movies

Nigerian President, Gen. Muhammad Buhari has advised Nigerian filmmakers against promoting violence and sex scenes in their movies.

The president urged the movie practitioners to endeavor to always promote the country in a positive light.

Buhari who sent the message to the movie industry in a foreword written in a brochure on the film industry added that the country will keep supporting the Nollywood Industry and hence they should make films that are functionally and socially relevant.

The brochure which was published by Africa Film Academy was titled, “Nigerian Film Industry at a Glance” img_20160925_103755

The forward in the Brochure reads:

“The Nigerian film industry that is now called Nollywood, in the fashion of the American, Hollywood and Indian, Bollywood started as the effort of a group of enterprising young men and women who traded on their talents and sheer determination without anyone paying attention.

It has now metamorphosed into a big industry employing thousands of people, contributing to the national Gross Domestic Product and empowering a new generation of creative entrepreneurs.”

“Our government will continue to support the creative sectors of its economy so as to encourage our teeming youths while we enjoin our filmmakers to continue to project the image of Nigeria and the continent of Africa in a positive way through their story lines. Filmmakers should not make films for art sake. Films should be functional and socially relevant.”

“Filmmakers, whether local or those who come here to use our facilities, must however be sensitive to our cultures and religions. They must not glamourize violence or sexual vulgarity in all their forms. They must not promote racism or ethnic superiority or demonise any religion or culture.

“I want to see more films that celebrate our diversity, films that celebrate the achievements of our people, films that promote social causes of right to education, films that tells us the evil of domestic violence against men and women, films that inspire hope and faith in our country and humanity in general. I am confident that Nollywood would go from strength to strength.

Adeyinka Jamiu

Adeyinka is an associate at He's a teacher with a demonstrated history of working in the entertainment industry. Skilled in Acting and Scriptwriting.

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