“Oxford Gardens” Obi Emelonye Boxing Themed Movie Set To Premiere in Houston

oxfords gardens, obi emelonye

Obi Emelonye boxing themed movie “Oxford Gardens”, which recently premiered in Nigeria, is set to premiere in Houston on April 2, 2016.

The exclusive gala premiere screening will be held alongside a comedy party hosted by comedian Okey Bakasi. The movie, which marks the second collaboration between Africa Magic and Emenlonye’s production outfit, The Nollywood Factory, was shot in London, and tells the tale of love, struggles, redemption and the sport of boxing.

Julius is a broken, down-on-his-luck ex-­boxer, in search of redemption. Munachi is a pretty, bubbly young girl with a dark secret. Their chance meeting on a park bench in Oxford Gardens one summer afternoon sets in motion an unlikely friendship and an uplifting journey through their respective fears; and through hope, faith and love; to a stoic acceptance of whatever life throws at them.

The film stars Ngoli Okafor, (2 time Golden Gloves, Heavyweight champion, top model and Hollywood Actor) Ngozi Thompson Igwebike, Savanah Roy and D’Richy Obi-Emelonye, make her acting debut.
Emelonye is popular for “Last Flight to Abuja,” “Mirror Boy,” “Thy Will be Done,” amongst other of his productions.

Watch “Oxford Gardens” trailer below

Ok, let’s talk. Who is excited about this one? Anybody? Well i am. Obi Emelonye is known for his brilliance in executing his films, and judging from the trailer you already know this is going to be a Box Office success, the story is original and i just can’t wait to eat my popcorn and watch something nice from Nollywood for a change.


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