Nollywood Movie Review: The Figurine (2009)

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Film title: Figurine (Araromire) – 2009

Director: Kunle Afolayan

Starring: Ramsey Noauh, Kunle Afolayan, Omoni Oboli, Funlola Aofiyebi

Language: English

The figurine is a love story of Femi who is quite possessive with Mona who on the other hand is in love with Shola, Femi does not see Shola as being capable of loving Mona. The three friend went for National youth service and shola proposed to Mona who was carrying his child at that time.

The Movie tells a story of two men and a girl whose luck suddenly changes for the better after one of them discovers Araromire during one of their endurance trek. Araromire is a sculpture from the Yoruba goddess believed to bestow seven years of good luck and seven years of bad luck on anyone who encounters it. But next seven years unfolds with destuction, pain, and death.

In the course of actions unfolding, truths were revealed and a resolution was made to return the fugurine. Though I saw the movie few months after its release, I was not sure of what to expect but to sat the truth I was wowed.

To start with, a great technique was used in the story which is Africanism. The story was rich in culture, they made use of Yoruba folktales which is relatable. It makes it easier for the viewer to grasp quickly the message the authors are trying to pass. It was not mixed with foreign touch which made the story come out well.

The movie was well structured in terms with the characters. They were magnificent and delivered perfectly. Shola was built to be a rugged character always chewing gum, even when he went for an interview, while femi was built to be this kinda person I’ll refer to as a silent killer. He speaks less but has a lot going on in his mind.

Talking about the props and set design, it was superb, the set, costumes and graphics all moved the movie to greater heights. Not to forget the soundtrack, it was good, It kept me glued to my tv. Few days after I saw the movie I kept hearing the soundtrack in my sub conscious mind “Araromire”.

The film was suspense filled and intriguing, the pictures weren’t clear and perfect. The movie was not predictable, it was quite hard for me to tell what was going to happen next.

The movie was mind blowing, though there are some rough edges that is unclear to me. The scene at the beach house, the noise was too much and at a point I lost concentration. I think the scenes shot at night was a wrong timing because i could hardly make out the pictures.

In all the film is a must watch for all the people that love a movie that is rich in culture and tradition. I’ll recommend it any day, anytime.

YeYePikin Ratings: C

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  • February 17, 2016 at 2:04 pm

    Especially that twist involving the statue head, I loved that! Nice review.


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