Nigerian TV Shows You Should Be Watching

Nigerian TV shows are getting Interesting now and with a good and highly anticipating show like Special Crimes Unit Squad: Lasgidi cops coming out soon. All I can say is – with little time from now we will be less addicted to American/British TV shows and getting addicted to our local TV shows. There are few good Nigerian TV shows airing now; These Nigerian TV shows are certainly worth your time. I know you are going to like them, so I made a list of my favorite Nigerian TV shows.

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1. Skinny Girl in Transit (Ndani TV)
Skinny Girl In Transit is my favorite of all Nigerian TV shows currently running now. ‘Skinny Girl In Transit’ follows the life of a plus-size radio personality Tiwa, as she struggles with the pressures of wanting to be in a relationship and to be successful. It is very funny with a scene–stealing performance from the veteran actress Ngozi Nwosu. Skinny Girl In Transit is been aired every week on Thursday. You can follow up Skinny Girl in Transit by checking our blog every Thursday.

Watch: Ndani Tv Series ‘Skinny Girl In Transit’ Episode 10

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2. Shuga (MTV)
Shuga is a Nigerian TV show that follows the lives of a group of friends as they navigate through love, betrayal, heartbreak, and HIV in the city of Lagos. – A television series that gets young people talking about sex as well as the need to curb the spread of HIV and AIDS.

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3. Tinsel (M-Net)
Tinsel a production of MNET-DSTV. It started with its season one in 2008. The show is centered on Fred Ade Williams, a major player in the glamorous world of the Nigerian film industry. Shot in Lagos and shown across Africa, Tinsel premiers solely on M-Net West Channel 102 at 8:30 pm on the Dstv platform. The show is currently in its eighth season and is referred to by many as the most successful Nigerian TV show in recent times.

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4. One Chance (Ndani TV)
One Chance, this is another good, interesting Nigerian TV show from Ndani TV, One Chance is about three friends that board a bus heading home, oblivious of the danger that lies ahead. And although it just started, it is looking really promising.

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5. Indigo (Ebony TV)
Indigo is a new Nigerian TV show, The series which stars rapper, Munachi Abii, who won the Most Beautiful Girl In Nigeria and 2014 Project Fame winner, Geoffery Oji. The series follows about a boy band put together by an advertising executive Myra Goodman. The boy band is called INDIGO and in the process she (Myra) draws the ire of her vindictive music executive ex-boyfriend, Desmond Okoye who will stop at nothing to hijack the project.

Which other Nigerian TV shows are you following and which of them is your favorite? Share with us in the comment section below.


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