New Interesting TV Series You Should Be Watching.

These past few weeks, a whole bunch of new series started airing, and some other old series have resurfaced for new seasons (Seems like Christmas came early this year). So if you are looking for new interesting Tv series to watch, this is for you.
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Quantico, starring Priyanka Chopra, a popular Bollywood star and former Miss World leads the show as Alex Parrish, an FBI recruit who finds herself tangled up in a terrorist conspiracy. The pilot episode begins with a dual storyline; one where the new FBI recruits arrive at the Quantico training facility, and another set Nine months later. Where an anonymous Terrorist embedded in her former FBI Recruits, set off a massive attack against the US. I wouldn’t want to spoil the show for those that haven’t seen it. I highly recommend you check it out, and you will be glad you did.

Blindspot, tv series

Are you a fan of the action, thriller genre, Yes? Then you’ve got to start watching Blindspot. Blindspot centres on Jane Doe, a woman who wakes up to find out she was kidnapped and had her memory wiped and is covered in tattoos. And right between her shoulders is the name “Kurt Weller” of the FBI (played by Sullivan Stapleton). That, of course, gets the FBI’s attention, and they try to find out why anyone would do this and what Jane is capable of. Blindspot is definitely a must watch series.

limitless, bradley cooper, tv series, evan

Based on the film of the same name which stars Bradley Cooper, Limitless is sort of a sequel to the 2011 movie. Brian Finch (Jske McDorman) with the help of the NZT drug can utilize 100% of his brain capabilities and works with the FBI. (I know right, what’s with series centering on the FBI In new York to solve cases). Limitless is a very promising show and is relatively engaging and slickly produced.

heroes reborn

This series is unarguably my favourite on the list 🙂 .The sequel to the 2006 Series “Heroes” is back and better with a very promising start. The pilot episode really gave me the chills as I have missed the gentle introduction, sympathetic characters and lots more from the Prequel.
Heroes Reborn is exciting for we the old heroes fans, but the new viewers need some getting used to. Despite the “all-too-familiar” set up, Heroes Reborn seems like a promising series and still stays top of my list.

wesley snipes the player
THE PLAYER — Pilot — Pictured: (l-r) Wesley Snipes as Johnson, Charity Wakefield as Cassandra King — (Photo by: Gregory E. Peters/NBC)

The Player formerly known as Endgame, a series that great actors like Wesley Snipes, Philip Winchester and lots more. The Players follows an organization of wealthy individuals in Las Vegas indulges in a high-stakes game of risk and reward with a criminal twist. The plan is simple: orchestrate some of the biggest crimes imaginable and bet on one man’s ability to stop them from playing out. Enter Alex Kane, a former military operative turned security expert who is drawn into the shady world and makes it his mission to take the group down from the inside and avenge the death of his wife in the process, proving that the house doesn’t always win.

Honourable Mentions
I wouldn’t want to round off this post without mentioning some of our dope series that has returned for new seasons.
(1) Originals. (2)The Flash
(3) Empire (4)You’re the Worst
(5)Arrow (6)Gotham
(7)Supernatural (8)The Vampire Diaries

If you ain’t watching any of these series, you are really missing out.

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