Movie Review: Wives on Strike is a Hilarious Broad Comedy With Meaningful Storyline


Finally, I went to see the much talked about “wives on strike” and I wasn’t disappointed. Produced and Directed by yours truly Omoni Oboli.
The movie addresses a prevailing issue in the Nigerian society, “The girl-child marriage”. It tells the story of a group of market women who decided to take matters into their own hands by refusing to “Jangilova” with their husbands in a bid to stir them into standing up for a young girl whom they wanted to protect from the wishes of her own father.

The movie opens with three market women, Mama Ngozi (Omoni Oboli), Christy (Kehinde Bankole) and Jemima (Uche Jumbo) Narrating how the strike begin on a talk show hosted by senator’s wife Vera (Chioma Akpotha).
Baba Amina (Udoka Oyeka) is giving off her thirteen years old daughter to one Alhaji to marry. After so much plead from his wife (Ufuoma Mcdermott) which he refused. On hearing this, a group of market woman led by Mama Ngozi plan an action against their husbands by denying them sex until they are able to talk to Baba Amina to change his mind.
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Coincidentally, A television news covered them when they went to disrupt the marriage. Senator’s wife Vera (Chioma Akpotha) sees this and takes it to another level. The strike become widely accepted that even Sex workers (Ashawo) joined.

This film is hilarious, from the beginning to the end. Jemima (Uche Jombo) interpreted her role very well and at a point, I was expecting to see her in every scene. The actors also never fail to crack me up. Both the sound and picture quality were excellent, and the use of Broken English (Pidgin) just makes the story original and perfect.

My favorite scene is when those two guys went to have a talk with the ladies chatting up. Before the guys could say anything, the ladies strike the pose. Really?
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Wives on strike is good except for few flaws; Mama Amina who’s supposed to be uneducated speaks fluent English (I am confused). The scene where Calistus (Julius Agwu) went to give Paulo (Kenneth Okonkwo) the newspaper containing the news, all we see is the picture of two men. Is our director too lazy to make a one page print of the news and add to the newspaper, it would have been better.

At a point, the news flash gets boring. The movie keep switching back and forth between Paulo and Calistus as they try all their best to persuade their wives to have sex with them neglecting the other women. We never get to see Pregnant Christy (Kehinde Bankole) and her husband act together.

The wait is worth it and I commend Omoni Oboli for a job well done.

Favorite quote:
“You think say big ukwu na big sense”

YeYePikin Ratings: B

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