Movie Review: Ride Along (2014)

How many of you just begin to release that mad laugh whenever you see Kevin Hart starring in a movie? I really do and most of the times, whenever I see Kevin Hart in a movie (even though he does a cameo or should say mini or micro-cameo appearance as he did in Death At A Funeral), I’m always forced to watch the movie.

I’ve seen movies with the tags: Comedy, Romantic Comedy, Action Comedy and so on but right now I don’t know what to call a movie that includes everything from action to romance to crime all dished out in the most humourous manner. (Don’t blame me if I should call it RomActCri Comedy).

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Welcome to the crazy Ride Along story, where Ben Barber (Kevin Hart) has to prove to his girlfriend’s brother, James Payton (Ice Cube) that he is the right man for his sister. Ice Cube who is a detective is overprotective of his sister and sees Kevin Hart as a weakling and a man incapable of even protecting himself (most probably because he’s short and talks TOO much). Kevin Hart is now invited to prove his capabilities by going on a day out as a cop (A Ride Along).

When I watched the trailer of the sequel, Ride Along 2, my mind just had to race back to the first part and I decided to just watch this hilarious movie again. As I watched and rewatched Ride Along, I noticed that a greater part of the movie happened in one day. Apart from the normal crazy unbelievable stuff that those Hollywood guys do (which I don’t really like because I like being realistic) like a car “flying” and breaking through from window to window just like in Fast and Furious and so on, the movie is worth watching ten times over because you’re eyes will continue to drip with tears due to the endless and intermittent flow of laughter each scene will bring to you.

And if I say you’ll laugh, then verily verily I say unto to you, you will surely laugh.

Meanwhile, Ride Along 2 will be released on January 15, 2016.

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