Movie Review: “Gods of Egypt” or The White Men of Egypt is just like a bad video game


Disclaimer: My Refrigerator is not 100% okay, So I am sure there are going to be spoilers at some point. Just want you to know what you are getting yourself into.

Gods of Egypt tells the story of a mortal hero Bek (Brenton Thwaites) who teamed up with god Horus (Nikolaj Coster-Waldau) in an alliance against Set (Gerard Butler) the merciless god of disorder who stole the throne and enslaved the people of Egypt.

I know the movie is titled Gods of Egypt even though no Egyptian is starring in the movie and it was all filmed in Australia and yes, there are many Gods in the movie, Set is the god of disorder, Hathor is the goddess of love, Ra is the god of the sun and so many other gods including Horus. But what I saw in Gods of Egypt is that it all centers on a boy (Bek), who is a professional thief and is in love with a beautiful young woman Zaya (Courtney Eaton).
Gods of Egypt is not a great movie, not even close. It was fun at the starting but the poor CGI and storyline just killed the whole thing. Set is the god of disorder; He killed his Brother who is a fellow god with a spear (a very silly way to kill a god). After some Wrestle Mania hand to hand combat between Set and Horus, he ripped out his two eyes and before he could kill him, Hathor intervened (I still don’t understand why he didn’t killed him or imprisoned him to be fair) Horus later got one of his eyes back with the help of the skilled thief Bek, and he later went out to defeat the wicked and evil Set.

Aside the fact that ancient Egypt was filled with all white folks, the only nonwhite prominent actor which is Chadwick Boseman as Thoth, the god of science, religion, philosophy and magic. I know the Director Alex Proyas sort of apologized last year for the casting and I forgave him.
What really bothers me in Gods of Egypt is the fighting between Horus and Set at the ending of the movie. First thing first is there no suitable place to fight than the top of the highest building? It was all Superman vs General Zod in the Man of Steel all over again But this time no single punch was thrown, it was just two gods flying all over the place and scattering buildings and finally one of them was bleeding, I guess it was from too much flying (I think you need to know that in Gods of Egypt, when gods are cut, they bleed gold).

This is an adventure movie that lacks almost everything that an Adventure movie needs. Too much CGI,too much fashion cliché, poor woven story. It is safe to say Gods of Egypt is an epic disaster. Too bad because I really like Gerald Butler. My favorite scene should be when Bek set out to steal the eye of Horus.

Horus: Are you sure you are not a god?
Bek: What would I be the god of?
Horus: The Impossible.

YeYePikin Ratings: D


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