Movie Review: The DUFF (2015)

the duff movie

I’m going through all the new movies I just got. (I don’t download which is not really my fault though. Since downloading is for the “big boys”, those that normally use Airtel WTF bundle to manage themselves have to find other ways to keep up with the blockbuster movies being released everyday).

My eye finally catches the name “The DUFF”. I’m curious, I actually don’t know the meaning that’s why I’m really curious. I click on it while I’m praying to God that it won’t be like one of those boring and monotonous movies repeating the same storyline over and over again.

The movie begins to play and I’m fully absorbed that I’m starting to have the useless feeling that maybe I should venture into acting. I believe this is the same feeling Tonto Dike had that made her go into music…Just Saying

The DUFF is a story of a High School girl, Bianca Piper who on her discovery that she had been labelled the Designated Ugly Fat Friend (DUFF) in comparison to her more beautiful friends begins to view the world in a whole different way. In the bid to rebuild herself, so as to do away with the deprecating label and also to get the confidence to approach her crush, she employs the services of her next-door neighbour cum lady’s man, Wesley. As the story goes on, several things happen (the Good, the Bad and the VERY UGLY) and she finally conquers her low self esteem associated with the DUFF tag. Also, Wesley turns out to become more than a coach to her.
the duff movie

The plot is really wonderful. The movie begins with a very splendid introduction and then moves gradually in the scenes that follow to culminate in the realisation of her status as a DUFF. And then carries us to the steps she took to overcome this and then finally, the happy ending with the ever inspiring essay written by Bianca.

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In three or four scenes, the heroine makes use of her sense of imagination and the manner the movie brings together the imagination and the real world happenings of the main character without hitches is really commendable. Comedy relief is brought to bear as many times as your spirit of humour is still available because I can’t say if you’ll laugh in the scenes I laughed.

This movie is definitely a must watch and if at all you don’t feel like watching the movie, then you really need to listen to the inspiring and uplifting essay Bianca wrote at the end of the movie. If your self esteem is at 0% I can authoritatively say that it will rise to 101%. If it doesn’t then the witches of your village are really attacking you.


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