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Couple of Days is a 2016 movie produced by Ayo Orimuyi, set in the ancient city of Ibadan. The movie tells the story of three young couples who takes a weekend break in one of their friend’s homes in Ibadan. While they are vacationing in the ancient city of Ibadan, they discovered a lot of hidden secrets and their happy break is ruined. They realize their marriages are not as perfect as they think.

With so much hype the movie got, had to make sure I was not left out in watching it. To me the movie lacks content maybe because it was shot within four days, the plot is kinda scanty. At some point in the movie we see them dwelling too long on a particular scene. The producer’s portrayal of Ibadan got me wowed, but then it got to a stage they began to overemphasis on it. It was as if we were watching a documentation about Ibadan. They also wasted so much time praising Agodi park and Linda Ikeji, maybe they were part of the financing committee. They also decided to give us Chelsea vs Tottenham match, seems the director is a football fan, was thinking I was watching a pirated copy only to realize it was part of the movie. We see more of talking than actions. The park scene with Nina and Dan whispering beautiful nonsense into each others ears while hugging and kissing, I was expecting something or anything to happen, but no it was just to prolong the movie and show us more of the park.

It seems the couples were just looking for a tool to make them open up on all they have bottled up, the holiday was just an excuse for them. Lanre and Joke had so many issues just before they went on the holiday, but instead of resolving it, they tagged along with others pretending all is fine. They should know the outcome would be disastrous.

The story line is too cliché, it is a story we can relate with other Nollywood movies, it had a breath of fresh air because it was shot in Ibadan, which is different from the over hyped Lagos view we are used to and the introduction of a new act – falz. The rapper who is a part-time comedian on social media showed he was also made for the big screen. Falz was the comic relief the movie needed. He delivered a great performance. He should think about starring in more movies. They also made use of upcoming acts not the established faces we are familiar with.
Nina played the all round character. Her character is too good to be true. For God’s sake she is human, and she is bound to make mistake. She is the all forgiving and advising character. She seems to know it all.

It really got confusing when Nina turns from the happiest wife to a heartbroken wife and almost immediately we see Cynthia going from forgiving her husband to running away and dying from a car accident, then her ghost shows up at her burial.*confused face*

I was actually looking forward to this movie but it was just there because it was quite predictable. Though Falz’s scenes got me laughing and we see quite a few good acting from our upcoming acts. We are told the movie has a sequel coming, well let’s wait and hope for something better.

Starring: Lilian Esoro, Ademola Adedoyin, Enyima Nwigwe, Kiki Omeili, Okey Uzoeshi, Adesua Etomi, Olayode Juliana and Falz The Bahd Guy.

YeYePikin Ratings: C

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