MOPPICON BILL: James Omokwe Replies Charles Novia for calling young filmmakers ‘up tarts’

Moppicon bill, James

Recently, Charles Novia wrote on the controverisal Motion Picture Practitioners Council of Nigeria (MOPICON) Bill.
According to Novia, it’s disturbing that most young filmmakers aren’t part of a guild. He went on to use terms like “up tarts” and “Artistic infantilism,” while likening their Careers to “bubble gum.”

Reacting to the post, “The Awakening” director, Jame Omokwe, said Novia’s post proves that the industry is well divided, and the young ones may never be accepted by older generation.

The Awakening by James Omokwe

Read Omokwe’s post below;

I just read your post about “Young vs old” quite interesting

You made lots of Valid points in your article “These young film makers” I am a “Young” Film maker. An “Up tart”. Most of us young people aren’t in any of the guilds.This is very true. We have been advised to do so. Most of us have listened. Most of us may not see the importance presently. I will tell you a story

A few years ago, I began practicing as a “Young film maker”. I always wanted to tell stories visually. I spoke to a few producers who turned me down. No one believed in me anyway. I had an uncle who gave me 50k to start filming. My friends rallied round to fund the film. After 2 years of hard post pro, the movie came out: Awakening starring Oc ukeje. It was nominated twice. I am still glad that I had support. Through out my career, I have recieved independent support from various people. So before now, when people mentioned guilds, I didn’t understand it’s usefulness to me. What plans were in place for me as a practicing film maker? Zilch. Now we know better. If we must change things, we must do it from the inside.

So you see “Up tarts” have no problems joining the guilds.

So this MOPICON bill came out and Everyone has seen the effects that this bill has on our ENTIRE industry. But sir, you cracked your knuckles and typed a note clearly dividing the “Young” and the “Old”. And even went ahead to say things like “Artistic infantilism” and likened our Careers to “bubble gum”? I am not sure what you were aiming at here but I think it was completely unnecessary.

I am a tad bit offended by the note sir. It shows that the industry is well divided and the young ones may never be accepted by your generation. How then can we build a formidable industry. We can’t build it by calling each other names

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How do you get off saying “If the young ones don’t join guilds, don’t complain when we dictate the flow”…really?

With all due respect, there are young boys who make content for youtube, vimeo and co. Its a free world. Freedom of expression

We don’t want our creativity to be stifled. If people want to join guilds, let them. If they don’t want to, let them.
You can’t force people to do things a certain way all in the name of regulation.

No body is dragging “Rights” with anyone. We worked hard. We studied film even when our parents didn’t want us We hustled. Borrowed money to make our dreams come true. No one is disputing the fact that older generation built the industry. We will be eternally grateful. But that piece….naaa. that is not the crux of the matter. You and I know what the issues facing Nollywood are. What is “New nollywood”? By having that title is it going to stop pirates from pirating my film?

That piece totally missed the point sir. Plus it has poured more pepper in the matter. I want the success of Nollywood, You want it to succeed too and that should be our primary focus.

Petty rivalry will take us nowhere.

Long live Nollywood. ‪#‎NoToMopicon‬ …

Signed- Your fav “Up- tart”. Me.


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