Kunle Afolayan Raises The Bar Again With ‘The CEO’

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Shooting is going on for his latest and highly anticipated film project The CEO. The casts include Grammy Award-winning singer, songwriter, entertainer and activist from Benin, Angélique Kidjo; Haitan actor and model, Jimmy Jean-Louis, Best known for his role as The Haitan on the NBC television series Heroes; Consummate actor, and founder of the New Nigeria Cinema movement, Wale Ojo, who also featured in Phone Swap; French-Ivorian actress and model, Aurelie Eliam; South African actor and presenter, Nicolaos Panagiotopoulos; Nigerian actress, Kemi Lala Akindoju; Moroccan star, Fatim Layachi; Kenyan actor Peter King, and Nigerian actress, Hilda Dokubo among others.

The CEO Is been supported by Air France, Africa Magic, DStv, Adron Homes and Properties Ltd. K-Square Securities, Inagba Grand Resorts and Leisure and Bank of Industry (BoI), from which he got a loan under the BoI NollyFund scheme.
the ceo
The CEO, will take its locations to South Africa, Kenya, Morocco, Paris, and other parts of Africa, showcasing the different cultures, attires and music and in the multi-lingual movie.

The CEO tells the story of TransWire Communications, a global phone network with major operation in Nigeria. The CEO, an expatriate, has retired hence the Global Chairman has decided to send five nominees amongst his most senior level staff across Africa on a Leadership course in order to determine which one to appoint as the new CEO of Nigeria.

Kola Alabi: Nigeria, male, playboy.

Jomo Wangai: Kenyan, male, reserved,troubled.

Eloise Toure: Ivorian, female, attractive, tenacious.

Yasmin Raggi: Moroccan, female, beautiful, secretive and

Riikard Van Outen: South African, white, male, unassuming, ambitious.

All five arrive from their respective destinations and check into the beach resort where the course is holding. Although they all appear cordial and chummy with each other, they all know what is at stake – they each desperately want the CEO’s chair. And to this purpose, they attempt to covertly outdo one another throughout the duration of the course.
Assisted by LISA, HR Coordinator for TransWire Global, the course Tutor, the mysterious Dr. Amet Zimmerman, starts off the course by making all five executives indulge in a round of the child’s game of musical chairs. He uses this method to psychologically study each candidate’s modus operandi.

JOMO loses the first round. Zimmerman then sets about teaching the course. But soon intrigue, conspiracy and treachery take centre stage. Jomo’S dead body is washed ashore the next morning, apparently ruled ‘death by misadventure’. This shocks everyone… and soon they see an alarming pattern emerging – something bad happens to whoever loses the round of musical chairs they play each morning!

One by one, each candidate begins to be eliminated, until there are only two left. It then turns into a psychological game of sudden death! But who is really behind the mysterious and fatal occurrences? It is obvious that someone is trying to stab everyone else in the back so as to assert themselves for the prime position… a candidate who will go to the extent of murder in order to emerge as the new CEO.

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  • October 23, 2015 at 12:31 am

    I’m really anticipating for this movie I can’t wait for it to hit the cinemas

    • October 23, 2015 at 12:55 am

      Yes Chris,. it’s going to be a great movie, far better than October 1st.


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