Jared Leto vs Heath Ledger: The Battle Of The Joker


This comparison is bound to happen , there is no getting around it and after seeing the trailer for Suicide Squad , will Jared Leto be able to be a better joker ?. The late Heath Ledger raised the bar so freaking high, I don’t know how Jared Leto can beat that awesome play from Ledger in The Dark Knight ( I will be Trilled if it happens). Jared Leto will be the first man to take on the role of the joker since Heath Ledger’s death.

Leto’s joker looks more scarier than what we saw in The Dark Knight and the laugh is quite different , his laugh is more deliberate and drawn drawn out. If anything, it almost sounds like a laugh being pushed through a sensation of physical pain , as opposed to the manic laughs his predecessors have displayed. One thing I love so much about Heath Ledger’s joker is the way he laughs, even in pain. The laugh somehow manage to create a bond between you and him , you know he is psychotic when even in the point of death he is still laughing.

The only way I see them making Jared Leto’s joker live up to the standard of his predecessor , is making his joker totally different from what we saw in The Dark Knight, because trying to copy Ledger is just plain career suicide.

When we talk about the Joker , first thing that comes to mind is his make-up, the green hair, lipstick and all that joker stuffs. The big difference between Heath Ledger’s joker and Leto’s is the white foundation the character has been known to use. In Suicide Squad , it doesn’t look like he depends on it all that much , as the glimpse we get of him in the trailer make him looks more naturally pale than any other joker out there. He may have less make-up , but that just makes his natural pallor all the freakier to look at.

You get that sense when you see Jared’s character torturing someone in the teaser trailer. Certain flashed images in the Suicide Squad trailer strongly suggest that the victim is Harley Quinn. However, the way it’s shot it almost appears as you the audience member is the intended victim. There’s just something about Leto as the joker that seems all too realistic. I think that level of realism may be what sets this version of the character apart. It probably won’t stop the Heath Ledger comparisons, but at least it will let Jared Leto shine in his own way.

What do you think about Jared Leto as the joker ? Share your thoughts below. 🙂



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