International Box Office: Disney’s Zootopia is Now Over $1 Billion Worldwide

Zootopia is now the 2nd movie of 2016 and 26th ever to cross the $1 billion mark worldwide. It’s also only the 4th animation of all time to do it.

With $337.2 million domestically and $663.5 million internationally, all raised over more than three months in theaters, Zootopia finally passed $1 billion worldwide. For a few weeks there it looked like it wouldn’t happen, but in the end Japan got it over the line. The breakdown internationally for Zootopia is as follows: China at $235.6 million, Japan has $56.2 million (and counting), France ($36 million), Russia ($34.4 million), UK ($33.6 million), Germany ($33.4 milion), South Korea ($31.1 million), Australia ($20.2 million), Mexico ($17.1 million), Spain ($14.9 million), Brazil ($12.3 million), Italy ($12.2 million) and so on. The 12 markets I just mentioned accounted for more than 80% of Zootopia‘s international total.

Zootopia is Disney’s 2nd movie to gross more than $1 billion worldwide so far in 2016, after Captain America: Civil War made it there a couple of weeks ago. Disney also has the film currently sitting in 3rd, The Jungle Book with $895.5 million, which could potentially make it to 1 billion too, as it has yet to open in South Korea and Japan. Then there’s Finding Dory and Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, so Disney could have as much as five releases with more than $1 billion each.

As far as animations go, Zootopia is only the 4th one to ever break the $1 billion barrier, and three of those were released by Disney, Frozen ($1.276 billion) and Pixar’s Toy Story 3 ($1.063 billion). The one that’s not Disney is Universal and Illumination Entertainment’s Minions, which made it to $1.159 billion last year.

This is yet another success story coming from Walt Disney Animation Studios, now quickly approaching the per film worldwide box office average of Pixar ($530.8 million versus $606.2 million). Another thing, this is the only animation studio that has two movies with more than $1 billion worldwide, although Pixar could join that exclusive club sometime this year thanks to Finding Dory, a toon that’s poised to make over $1 billion.

Right now Zootopia ranks 26th on the all-time worldwide chart and could move as high as 25th, where The Dark Knight currently resides with $1.004 billion. In 24th is The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey with $1.021 billion, which would be kind of a stretch for the Zootopia, considering Japan is pretty much doing all the heavy lifting right now. But who knows, maybe it can get there too, it’s not like it hasn’t already surpassed all expectations, no matter how insane.


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