International Box Office: Deadpool is Off to a Tremendous Start With Record Opening Day


Deadpool grabbed $47.5 million on Friday in the US, a new opening day record for an R-rated movie, as well as the top start for the month of February.

The merc with a mouth sliced and diced his way to a glorious $47.5 million on Friday, of which $12.7 million came from Thursday previews (that started at 7 PM). That means Friday proper brought in $34.8 million, and that’s the number we’re going to use to try and predict where the movie will go from here. So strap yourself and get ready for a lot of numbers and what it all might mean for the future of Deadpool and probably even the X-Men.

You might not know this but X-Men: The Last Stand had the biggest opening day and biggest opening weekend of all the X-Men films with $45.1 million and $102.8 million respectively. I say had because that’s now a thing of the past since Deadpool‘s $47.5 million already bested the first of those numbers and by tomorrow night it will also grab the other. Oh yes, you read that right, the movie 20th Century Fox was so scared of making, the movie that’s been sitting on a shelf for years, will end up having the best debut of all the X-Men movie. Actually there’s a very good chance Deadpool might also take Fox’s top opening weekend EVER. By ever I mean in all their history, and these guys used to release Star Wars movies only a decade ago. People voted with their wallets and this is huge for both Fox and superhero movies in general. This is a proper game-changer for the genre, might even be the breath of fresh air some were asking for.

Now we might actually get an R-rated Wolverine movie and you can be sure the next Deadpool will feature more than just two X-Men. Deadpool‘s success is proof that you don’t need to cater to a PG-13 rating, you don’t need to castrate your vision in order to get a superhero movie off the ground at a major studio. You can make a hit superhero movie without catering to all audiences. I can already promise you that next time Fox will give Deadpool 2 a lot more than just $58 million (although Deadpool really looked considerably more expensive)

But hey, I promised numbers and so far I really haven’t delivered, sorry. So you want to know how much Deadpool can make this weekend? If it follows X-Men: The Last Stand (which it won’t), then Deadpool should open to at least $108.3 million Friday to Sunday (current R-rated opening weekend record is $91.7 million for The Matrix Reloaded). If it’s similar to X-Men: Days of Future Class (more likely), then Deadpool is looking at a 3-day debut of about $121.5 million. That’s absolutely insane, plus Monday is a holiday in the US (President’s Day), so that means extended weekend, which could bring the film to as much as $140 million by Monday night. At that point $300 million will be the absolute minimum cume for Deadpool domestically (the current top X-Men movie is X-Men: The Last Stand with $234.4 million). Can you say Deadpool 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 and 7? By the end of next week they’ll already have internal release dates for all of those. Mark my words, Fox will milk Mr. Pool, they will milk him good!

But back to numbers, word of mouth is through the roof, I’m talking Star Wars: The Force Awakens good, so Deadpool could very well open even higher. Not in a million years could I have predicted Deadpool would be this popular. Right now on the table we have best R-rated opening weekend (The Matrix Reloaded, $91.7 million), best President’s Day weekend (Fifty Shades of Grey with $93 million), best February 3-day debut (also Fifty Shades of Grey with $85.1 million) and as I mentioned before the best opening weekend ever for 20th Century Fox (Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith with $108.4 million). There are a lot more records that will fall, but they tie into each other (of course best R-rated opening will also include best R-rated superhero debut, comic book adaptation and so on) so I didn’t feel the need to include all of them (plus this post is already getting a bit too long).

Not making any promises but tomorrow I might share a few of my thoughts on Deadpool in something that should resemble a review (spoiler alert, I really liked the movie). We’ll also be looking at the top 10 highest grossing R-rated superhero movies of all time and then on Tuesday we get to gush over the final numbers for Deadpool. Enjoy the weekend and if you haven’t seen Deadpool already, well you should (but really don’t bring your kids, unless they already hit puberty, and even there your mileage may vary).


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