International Box Office: Batman v Superman Cleared $800 Million

This week Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice cleared $800 million worldwide. Meanwhile The Jungle Book is getting ready to swing all the way to the top.

While it lost the crown in the US, internationally Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice was still number 1 last weekend with $34.4 million. After roughly three weeks in theaters, the superhero flick is at $500.5 million overseas and $801.7 million worldwide, which is pretty good considering the toxic word of mouth this has been getting.You can read our review of Batman v superman

It’s not as great when you remember Batman v Superman opened to $422.5 million worldwide, all-time 4th best, and will probably not even make it to $900 million at this point. Among the all-time top 10 worldwide opening weekends, only this and Spider-Man 3 ($890.9 million) didn’t clear $1 billion. China continues to be Batman v Superman‘s top international market with $94.5 million, followed by the UK ($47.1 million), Mexico ($33 million) and Brazil ($27.1 million). With Captain America: Civil War only two weeks away in some countries, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice probably has about $80-90 million left to go for a worldwide total of $880-890 million.

The Jungle Book opened in 15 markets ahead of its US release, bringing in a very early $31.7 million. The standouts were India ($8.4 million, 2nd biggest start for a western movie), Russia ($7.4 million) and Australia ($2.8 million). The Jungle Book opens this week in big markets like China, Mexico, Brazil, Germany, Italy, Spain, UK and France, so expect this to easily steal the top spot away from Batman v Superman. It’s way too soon to tell, but The Jungle Book could be another potential $1 billion worldwide grosser for Disney in 2016 (the other four being Zootopia, Captain America: Civil War, Finding Dory and Rogue One). The house of mouse is killing it this year at the box office, 2016 is bound to be a record year for them.

London Has Fallen
moves up to 3rd with $26.7 million thanks to a very strong debut in China ($24.7 million). China really took to Gerard Butler’s new action flick, making $37.9 million after 7 days over there, enough to push the international total of London Has Fallen past $100 million and overtake Olympus Has Fallen worldwide ($161 million) with $166.5 million.

Zootopia grabbed another $21.9 million and is now looking at $556.5 million internationally and $855.1 million worldwide. When you read this, Zootopia will already be ahead of Inside Out ($856.8 million), thus becoming the all-time 10th highest grossing animation worldwide. With Japan still left (April 23rd), Zootopia could make it a lot higher than that, possibly up to 4th or even 3rd with over $1 billion.

The Huntsman: Winter’s War rounds out the top 5 with an early $19.1 million from 18 markets.


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