Forget Leonardo, Here Are Great Actors Who Haven’t Won An Oscar Yet

The recent Oscars (Academy Awards) has just been concluded-having aired on the 28th of February 2016. And with it came the usual recognition and metal ware for both actors and movies alike after having been critically acclaimed for their performances (in the case of actors) and what they bring to the table in terms of message/technical achievements and whatnots (in the case of movies). Notably, every Oscar that have been held comes with its usual share of snubs (Straight Outta Compton, Sylvester Stallone) and awards, which the audience might frown at: especially “Spotlight” which took home the award for “Best Picture” and “Mark Rylance’s” emergence as “Best Supporting Actor”. However one thing most people seem to agree with after sort of agitating for it online through discussions and buzz is Leonardo Di Caprio’s award for “Best Actor” for his role in “The Revenant”. Moreover, he is deserving of the award after it has bypassed him on four several occasions. But at the same time, we have to ask ourselves “Are there other actors whom the Oscars have constantly shutout or deserve to win it despite churning out one tremendous performance after the other?” The answer is “Yes” and this article hopes to highlights some of these actors.

brad pitt, Here Are Great Actors That haven't Won An Oscar Yet.
He is one of the most influential and powerful people in the American entertainment industry and one of the world’s most attractive man by various media outlets. He gained recognition as a cowboy hitchhiker in Thelma and Louis. But he has garnered critical praise and box office success in films like the Se7en, Troy, 12 Monkeys, Mr and Mrs Smith, Ocean 11, 12 and 13. His Oscar nominations for “Best Performance by an Actor in a Leading Role” came with films like The Curious Case of Benjamin Button and Moneyball.
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Here Are Great Actors That haven't Won An Oscar Yet., will smith
The Fresh Prince of Bel Air headliner went on from being a star of a T.V sitcom to heading financial successful blockbusters movies like Independence Day, Men in Black trilogy, Hancock, Bad Boys 1&2, I robot-in fact, the list is nearly inexhaustible. But while some might see him as that big-budget type of movies actor, there are still some notable smaller scale films that he has starred in- films which have earned him nominations in the form of “The Pursuit of Happiness” and “Ali”. Still, the award has eluded the actor.

JAKE GYLLENHAAL. Actors without an oscar
The Oscars might just go ahead and award him the “most underrated actor in Hollywood” if and whenever that category comes up. Though not the A-list or big budget type (except in films like Prince of Persia: the sands of time), the 35 year old actor has won many awards plus nominations outside the Oscar circuit. But it’s somewhat of a letdown knowing that he has only one Oscar nomination and that was in a supporting role for his performance in Brokeback Mountain.
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Here Are Great Actors That haven't Won An Oscar Yet., Ralph fiennes
A former stage actor and Shakespearean interpreter who first achieved mainstream success by starring in Steven Spielberg’s Schindler’s List as Nazi war criminal Amon Goeth and was nominated for “Best Actor in a Supporting Role” for his performance in that film, which he didn’t win. He was also nominated for “Best Actor in a Leading Role” for his performance in “The English Patient”. And—you guessed it, no silver ware yet. He has gone on to star in some current high profile characters like “M” in the James Bond franchise and Voldemort in the Harry Potter films.

Here Are Great Actors That haven't Won An Oscar Yet. Edward Norton
He came out with a bang in the 1996 film Primal Fear, which also served as his debut and branched out to become a recognized filmmaker and activist. Never has won an Oscar, but garnered nominations for “Best Supporting Actor” in Primal Fear and Birdman (The Unexpected Virtue of Ignorance) and “Best Actor” in American History X.
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Here Are Great Actors Who Haven't Won An Oscar Yet, Michael Fassbender
Obviously, he is one of the newcomers in this list after having his breakout role in Zach Snyder’s 2007 Epic: 300. After that, the actor has gone to star in several acclaimed if not box office juggernaut films: Inglourious Basterds, Shame, Xmen: First Class and Days of Future Past, 12 years a Slave and Macbeth. Notably, most of these roles featured the actor in eccentric/villainous roles mostly at the extremes. But his nominations came with films like Best Actor in Supporting Role for 12 Years a Slave and Best Performance by an Actor in a Leading Role at the just concluded Oscars for Steve Jobs. Here’s to hoping that he finally takes it home in the future.

great actors without an oscar, joaquin phoenix
Started out by appearing in episodes of television shows with his Siblings River and Summer Phoenix as a child star before his major film release Parenthood in 1989, he represents one of those actors who remain under the radar: quiet and with less controversy or paparazzi noise, although talented at playing disturbed figures while also campaigning for animal rights: a known vegetarian. He has Oscar nominations for Best Performance by an Actor in a Leading Role for “Walk the Line” and “The Master” while that for “Best Actor in a Supporting Role” for Gladiator. And as a musician, he has a Grammy award under his belt.

He is the only one on this list who is dead at the age of 81 in 2013. And secondly, the current generation might not be familiar with him, but back in the day (the 60’s and 70’s in particular) the name Peter O Toole used to be a big deal after starring in the beloved classic Lawrence of Arabia. He has been nominated at the Oscars “in a supporting role” 8 times having won an honorary award back in 2003. Folks might know that guy who played King Priam in Brad Pitt’s Troy. Yes—–that is Peter O’ Toole- may his soul rest in perfect peace.
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Still relatively new to the scene, but British star Benedict Cumberbatch has shown a lot of promise in a short time and can boast of a nomination for “Best Performance by an Actor in a Leading Role” for playing British mathematician Alan Turing in 2014’s The Imitation Game. Other notable films include Black Mass, Star Trek: Into Darkness, 12 Years a Slave and The Hobbit; Desolation of Smaug.

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