Favorite Fast And Furious Movie


Yeah it’s all about fast cars, but we sure do have a favorite out of all of them, well i know everybody is entitled to his/her own opinion but i think when i say Fast 5 is the best of all the fast and furious movies there is for now ,i am speaking for most of us ;).

Everything about Fast 5 is great, i love the fact that it all went down in Rio De Janeiro, my favorite scene remains the fight between Dwayne Johnson (Luke Hobbs) and Vin Diesel (Dominic Toretto) , it was just like a Wresting match.Fast 5 is one of the best pure entertainment of the decade, it has at least three hall-of-fame action scenes: The train heist, the Rock-Diesel showdown, and the final bank-vault robbery and there are great action scenes within those action scenes: The train heist leads into the cliff dive, while the final scene double-climaxes with Dom transforming the bank vault into an anti-police-car weapon.

Anytime i am watching Fast 5 i still feel like it’s my first time watching it, i love the way the heist was carried out as a family and not like a group of guys coming to rob a bank like we normally see in action movies. Dom and Hobbs teaming up in the ending was awesome and my best quote was when Hobbs was briefing his team “All right , listen up , the men we are after are professionals runners. They like speed and are guaranteed to go down in the hardest possible way, so make sure you got your funderwear on. We find them; we take them as a team and we bring them back. And above all else, we don’t ever…….EVER…. let them get into cars”

I will love to hear from someone who thinks otherwise though, i know  some of you will say Furious 7. Well i don’t think so, even though that scene Paul Walker ran on-top of that van at the edge of the cliff was pretty awesome 🙂 lol


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